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Who: ReaderxHaven't decided yet. What: Action/ Romance (Mature content) Some guest appearances by BTS and GOT7 Chapter 3 Story: In a post apocalyptic world, you lead a rescue mission to save your older brother Junmyeon from the clutches of Baekhyun the Light King. With the help of your commrads you lead a rebellion that will hopefully bring this tyrant King to his knees.
Chanyeol's POV I had been sitting by her bedside since we got back to base. She looked different, somehow her scars and bruises had disappeared. What the hell was all that on the roof? I was too distracted with the fight and with Sehun when he had given the signal to do the fire flood combination. I thought he'd lost his mind when he gave the signal. He seemed confident in the plan though which made me figure out it was her idea in the first place. After that, she came flying up flames covering her and raining down fire on all of us. She didn't even look like she knew us she was just attacking. I called her name but she didn't even respond, like she hadn't noticed anyone had said anything to her at all. Junmyeon was even shocked by her actions. It wasn't just that either, the flames around her body looked like a bird, I'd never seen her do something like that before. Last I checked her powers were out of wack. She hadn't been training them enough and now it was hard for her to use them at all. Being a fire user myself, all I had to do was touch her and we could amplify our power but even then I'd never seen that happen. She was more powerful then I'd ever seen her before. That was even more powerful than her supernova. Everything was crazy now, she also made us take that guy, Yixing, I think Junmyeon called him. Junmyeon said that he and Baekhyun seemed pretty close, every time he saw Baekhyun he was whispering in Yixing's ear. Junmyeon seemed to think it was because he was a healer. Either way, I didn't like him at our base. We had made a stop off before we got here and checked him for any devices that could lead to Baekhyun and the others tracking us. We had moved our base outside of the kingdom a long time ago but we were almost always seen in the dark city. The biggest question burning in my mind, besides what was with her powers, was what did Baekhyun do to her? I'm sure I can use my imagination and figure that out but I needed her to confirm it. I saw her finger twitch and she began to moan, "Chan." "Yeah?" "What the hell are you doing in my room?" she said now sitting up. She looked at me with sleepy eyes but she was obviously annoyed. "I've been watching you since you passed out." "Yeah, see that just sounds creepy." She said now throwing the covers off herself. She was patting her hair down as she walked over to a mirror to look at herself. She was still dressed in battle clothes, none of us bothered to change her. She probably wanted to shower any way. She was looking hard at herself in the mirror pulling the skin below her eyes to check out her eyeballs. It was a creepy look for her but somehow that was still kind of cute to me. "What did they do with that man?" she said looking at me in the mirror. "They put him in the holding cells." "Good." She said. She was touching herself all over, I suppose feeling for her bruises. She looked amazed as her fingers wandered up and down her arms, on her face, her chest and one particular spot on her stomach. "Y/N what the hell are you doing?" "Did you have him heal me or something?" she asked. "No, we have no idea how all your bruises healed either. When you passed out we thought maybe you were suffering from a wound but all your scars were gone." "Damn it, I have a feeling he knows something about this." she said looking off at her closed door. "Why do you say that?" "Something he said, the bastard stabbed me and pushed me off the roof h-" "He did WHAT?" I said standing up from my chair. She scoffed and looked back down at her stomach, "He knows something, he knew this was going to happen I know it. He watched us escape and he didn't stop us, something's not adding up with him. He healed me in room with Baekhyun because he asked him too and I've had a strange vibe about him since then. I have to go talk to him." "Wait." I said catching her arm. She looked up at me and I pulled her hair behind her head, "What did Baekhyun do to you?" "Chan don't do this." "Do what?" "Don't go breaking the rules. We had an agreement." She said looking away from me. I grabbed her chin and forced her to look back at me. "If any one else did that to you I wouldn't say a word but I will not look the other way when he's the one touching you. Now what did he do?" She sighed, "He only touched me Chanyeol. It's not a big deal I didn't give into him." Her nonchalant attitude bugged me. It always did when something big was happening and she was acting like it was nothing. I normally don't lose my temper with her but this time I couldn't stand her acting like that. I pushed her against the wall, "Really right now?" she said. "You said whenever I wanted." "Fine." she said. I quickly pulled off her pants and pulled up her shirt trapping her hands above her head with it. I kissed her neck roughly, hearing the sound of her sharp inhale and feeling her chest raise up at the touch of my lips. I ran my hand down her body to touch her through her underwear. I kissed her hard and rough as my hand now moved passed her panties. My fingers making circles between her legs. She moved her mouth from mine letting out a little moan. "Chanyeol," she said her voice drenched in pleasure. "Release my hands." she begged me. I grinned at her but saw something in her eyes, I thought I was imagining it but I swore there was a quick orange glint in her eye for a second. Y/N's POV The moment he freed my hands he picked me up and threw me on my bed. He wasted no time in taking his shirt off and getting on top of me. His lips attacking my neck again then lowering to my bra I wrapped my arms around his neck as he lifted me slightly so that he could unhook it. How many times we had slept together, I hadn't kept track of. The first night it happened because I was slightly drunk but I wasn't so out of my mind drunk that I didn't remember what we had done. His marks were still all over me the next morning. It was a stress reliever, so we made a deal: if we needed a release we could come to each other anytime we wanted and we'd help each other out. We weren't in a relationship therefore no jealousy was allowed, no territorial nature, no falling in love. We were slightly addicted to each other and I think because we both had fire power we got along just as much as we butted heads. Fire users were often stubborn. His mouth was all over my breast making circles with his tongue then gently sucking one then the other. He bit down lightly slowly adding pressure till he heard me moan a little louder. I could feel him insert two fingers inside me without warning and I grabbed his hand with a gasp. That didn't stop him from moving his fingers in and out, his thumb continuing to make circles on the sensitive spot between my legs. I continued to moan while his mouth made his way back up my neck my hand was still on his arm when his fingers picked up speed. I gripped it tighter for a second and let him go. "You like that Babe." he said stating it more as a fact then a question. "Chanyeol." I moaned. His name seemed to be the only word I could speak. "Fuck! You sound so sexy saying my name like that." He said before kissing my lips. The force of his kiss and the way his tongue acted mine told me how much he wanted this. His fingers pulled out of me and I released his hand only to feel him grab it back and make me feel him through his jeans. He pulled his mouth away panting, pure lust in his eyes as he looked back at me. "Look what you've done to me. I need you babe, take care of me." I sat up and started to unbutton his pants, he tried kissing me but I only allowed a peck while I focused on removing his pants. He stood before me now completly naked as well. I ran my hands through his hair, getting up from the bed and flipping him on his back. I fixed my position and sat on top of him getting him to moan. I began to rock my hips, grinding my body against his; I was moving slow to mess with him and it was clearly working. He had one eye closed the other one half open but looking at me. His hands gripped my hips tighter as he begged me for more. I placed my hands on top of his chest moving faster. I was enjoying the sounds he made but was getting tired of my position already. I never really liked being on top but I liked watching him make that face while he moaned in a husky voice that he needed me. He sat up pressing my body to his, his mouth pressing against my neck biting my collar bone, his hands wrapped around me, the moans he was making muffled against me skin. He pulled back a bit to lick my neck and then kiss my breast before he suddenly flipped me over. He didn't want me on my back though, he turned me around and began thrusting as hard as he possibly could. His hands massaging my breasts from behind while he kissed the back of my neck. "Chan... You're being to rough... calm down." I managed to get out. Don't get me wrong I liked it a bit rough sometimes but seriously, I needed to be able to walk out of my room today. While one hand continued to fondle my breast his other hand moved down between my legs again making circles on my sensitive spot causing me to lean forward a bit. Damn that felt good, he still hadn't listened to me though, he was still thrusting as hard as he was when he started. I gripped the bed sheets in front of me. "Chan-I'm gonna..." I bit my lip, it felt so good I couldn't barely speak. I didn't like much commentary anyway. Quickly, I had reached my climax and I could feel him lean against me, his chest against my back while he came closer to his climax. I could feel him pulse inside and not long after he'd pulled out leaving me with an empty sensation. I could hear his pleasured moans as he reached his climax. "If you got that on my floor or my bed sheets you're cleaning it up.." "Sure." he laughed. He laid back on top of me and kissed my cheek. I shrugged him off as I lifted myself up. My hips already hurting a bit, I headed to my bathroom to take a quick shower. When I came back out, Chanyeol had left and my bed sheets were gone. I shook my head at the sight. At least he listened to me but I wasn't being serious about the bed sheets part. I got dressed in my black halter top, my black tight leather pants which were surprisingly flexible enough that I could still fight in them. I pulled my hair behind my head but let it lay down my back freely. I choose my black combat boots with, I'd say, a half inch heel so I could still kick some ass. I walked out of the room and down the hall seeing Chanyeol talking up one of our female rebels. I laughed to myself, his sex drive was through the roof wasn't it? I saw Junmyeon and walked over to him and hugged him finally able to properly embrace him for returning safely, "Welcome back bro." "Hey how are you feeling?" he asked. "Fine thanks." "Are you sure what was with your powers back there?" "I'm about to find out." I said. I walked up to the security desk and looked at the cameras for our holding cell. I clapped our security's shoulder saying, "Jinyoung, take a break will you." He looked at me then at Junmyeon confused, he looked back up at me and nodded getting out of his chair and leaving. I turned off the camera to the room with Yixing in it. Junmyeon looked at me like I was crazy. Before he could ask me what I was doing I held up my hand and said, "Just trust me, I know what I'm doing." He looked hesitant but he nodded anyway and I walked my way over to the elevator and made my way to his cell. When I opened the door, Yixing was sitting up on the bed. He stood up and lunged for me trapping me against the closed door. His hands up by my head and a smirk swiped across his face. "I was wondering when you'd visit me Y/N." he said. His voice was smooth and I kind of liked it but I showed no indication of being attracted to him. I had my arms crossed but I moved my hand and poked a finger into his chest pushing him back. "Normally I'd encourage such behavior but I've already had my fix today. We need to talk." I said. He backed up, the same smirk on his face and he went to sit back down on his bed. I was staring at him slightly amused by his behavior but I wasn't trusting him for a second. I knew he had an angle I just had to find out what it was. There's a kernel of truth in every lie and I was determined to find that damned kernel. I made myself comfortable, resting against the wall in front of him instead of the door. "Why don't you start off by telling me why you stabbed me, jackasses." He chuckled, "Being so close to Baekhyun for so long I can't believe you have no idea what's inside you." "Okay that's the second time you've said that 'something's inside me' what the hell are you talking about Yixing?" "You know he loves you right? You're all he's been obsessed with for three years, he's been trying to figure out how to win you back." "Baekhyun can feel however the hell he wants about me it's all a lie anyway. Every word that escapes his lips is a lie now answer the damn question." He chuckled which only further irritated me and he could see it. I just wanted to set him on fire at that point. "Why are you so hostile towards me?" he asked "You fucking pushed me off a roof you psycho!" I said raising my voice in anger yet it somehow sounded appalled that he could ask a question that stupid.. He still had a smirk on but his eyes got darker. "What I did was save your life." I scoffed through a laugh, on what planet was stabbing and throwing someone off the roof saving a person's life? I wanted to punch him just for that logic. What sucked the most about this conversation is that I had no sense that he was lying. So either he believed his lie so much they became truth to him or he was actually telling the truth and that irritated me further. Nothing was making sense so how the hell was he telling the truth! I heard him sigh after I had stared at him hard for a while. The room had been silent till he decided to talk again, "There is a legend of a being possessing a great deal of power inside them. Enough power that if steered the wrong way could destroy the world. That person can do a great deal of good or a great deal of harm. Either way they will destroy everything in order to rebuild the world again. It didn't take long for Baekhyun to realize that person was you." "Look, I'm good but not that good." "Correction you were good now you're just a mess." I narrowed my eyes on him but he continued talking as if he hadn't noticed my glare. "You've stopped training your powers properly since you left Byun's training center. The less you use them the harder it is for you to control them. You can release them under extreme stress but unfortunately your body is too used to being beaten down and suffering form nearly fatal wounds. So pushing you off the roof only seemed necessary to push the beast out of you." "How do you know all of this? And what beast?" "One question at a time please." I pushed myself off the wall and used my forefinger to point at him as I spoke through gritted teeth. "I will kill you." He only laughed at me. "It worked didn't it, your powers came out and you were able to fight off your enemies. Of course you did attack your teammates as well but their lives aren't that important to me so I didn't quite mind." "You're an asshole." "You're beautiful when you're angry Y/N did you know that? I like that about you." "You'd be beautiful too unfortunately that's all over shadowed by the fact that you irritate the hell out of me." I said getting increasingly annoyed at him. So here's what I got from his little tale, apparently he is aware of the fact that my powers are on the fritz and what seems like an attempt to help save me he nearly kills me to bring out this so called beast inside of me. What I've yet to find out is why? Where is the angle? "So you've been watching me?" He got up and walked over to me once again placing his hands against the back wall to trap me but it seemed like this time I'd have to put some pressure in get him off of me. I kind of liked his face up close though, his dimples were popping out when he smirked at me and I had to bite back the urge to smile. The fact that he kept pissing me off with his psycho babble helped. "I've been watching you very closely but don't worry I haven't shared any of this information with Baekhyun. He doesn't even know I've kept an eye on you, I know you're not going to let me out of here and I'm fine with that. Jongin has probably told some tale to Baekhyun to keep from blowing his cover right?" "Something's bothering me, did you just let us jump out of the building to catch Jongin as a spy and to release my power? You're confusing, it's like you're playing both sides of the team." He smiled and cupped my cheek with his hand, he leaned in a bit as he said, "It's cute that you're this blind but it'll get you killed. I've been suspicious of Jongin since the day he arrived at Byun's training program. Hearing him talk to you only confirmed everything I had already figured out. As for why I let you go, the longer you keep your power enclosed the more dangerous you become to everyone around you. I kind of enjoy living you see, besides I live to serve someone much higher and a hell of a lot more powerful than Baekhyun. I'd prefer he doesn't put his hands on you again. You need to understand that you're aggravating it by not using your powers properly and it'll only want to come out and play more before it turns everything around you to ash." "What is it?" "Phoenix." He said before he grabbed my face and kissed me.
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