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If you could bring any anime character back to life at the cost of an arm or leg who would it be? Your prosthetic will pertain to the universe your resurrection belongs to i.e. fma, robotic prosthetic. naruto, cloth prosthetic. fairy tail, magic wood prosthetic. And so on and so forth. Just comment who you would bring back and what prosthetic you would get.
I don't even know.
I would bring back Ace from One Piece. I'd be fine not having a prosthetic arm, and just having a peg leg. I would prefer my left arm go though
I would bring back hues from FMA for my right arm. Then I think I would bring back white beard giving up my left arm. So now I will have one cyborg arm and an automale arm.
@IsaacMarch or concerts, or jury duty, or any sports game
@SimplyAwkward lmao you would never ride in a plane again
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