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So this is the shuffle music game, do what the instruction says, just put the music on shuffle and answer the question. easy and simple but so fun!!!
My playlist!! I die - Luv It!! (SuG) 2.describes your love life - DoraDora (UKISS) so much for a love life lol that will play on your wedding day - EXODUS (EXO) 4.add "in my pants" at the end of this song. - Train in my pants (Chotokkyu) .....uhhhh wtf?! 😂😂 5. this song will play at your funeral - Jam Jam (Seventeen) well at least my funeral will be fun 😂 6.add "with a shovel and screwdriver" to this song - #LuvUHater (San E) with a shovel and screwdriver ...sounds like a straight up murder 😂 7. song that describes your week - Today (iKon) 8. your theme song- Ringa Linga (Taeyang) will play when you think of someone you love - An Ode To You (SHINee) will play when you miss someone - Fly To You (Royal Pirates) ...way to make me look desperate geez😂
So what did everyone else get? Comment below or if you make a card tag me @xoxorittie. Have fun!!!
1. Lucky one (EXO) lmao 2. Monster (EXO) really my love life must be interesting and dangerous xD 3. She is (jonghyun- SHINee) my husband telling me he loves me by saying I like this bitch xD 4. You know in my pants (Jay Park) lmao 5. Come back home (2NE1) but...I'm already dead xD 6. Butterfly with a shovel and screwdriver (BTS) 0_0 well then that butterfly might've been the cause of my death xD 7. AURORA (Jonghyun- SHINee) I was hanging out with Jin the entire week that's why I felt like aurora 8. FIRE (BTS) HELL YEA ITS MY THEME SONG 9. La la la (Big Bang) when someone I'm thinking that I love? Lol ok then.. 10. Baepsae (BTS) when I miss someone I'll be think of people who thinks they all that yes xD This was fun :)
oooh nice, thanks for playing!!!
@catchyacrayon OMG I love yours!! 😂😂
I would play this right now but I'm functioning on 2 hours sleep from not sleeping all night as we speak
@JaiiPanda Haha yeah I don't blame you. Hope you got sleep.