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Assassination Classroom - Season 2, Episode 24 (SPOILERS, OBVS!)

I was originally going to star last week's episode for this card, with what happened to Kayano and all, but after the waterworks from this episode, this definitely takes the cake in a landslide! The tears started flowing during the roll call, but I think it was Nagisa's cries that killed me! Even my brother cried, and he's a heartless bastard! This has been one of my absolute favorite anime, and I'm so sad to see it go! (There's still one more episode; I think it'll be kind of an epilogue, showing where all the students ended up and stuff).

Honorable Mentions

In the interest of avoiding redundancy, I tried not to double dip on the scenes I've already featured on Day 12 (saddest scenes) or Day 24 (scenes that shocked me the most), so you can grab an extra tissue and check those out if you missed them. Of course, there will be spoilers ahead, so tread softly if anything looks unfamiliar!

Fairy Tail (MORE SPOILERS - Edolas Arc) - Strauss Reunion

When Natsu and the gang went to Edolas, they met an alternate Fairy Tail guild. Among them was Lisanna, Natsu's childhood friend and lost love. It is later revealed that this is the very girl from his past; it turns out that Lisanna's Edolas counterpart had lost her life, and Lisanna had been pulled from Earthland to fill the void. She returned to Earthland with the rest of Fairy Tail and was reunited with her brother and sister, who were visiting her grave, as it was the anniversary of their losing her. It was a very touching reunion, especially after all the guilt Elfman had struggled with for so long over what had happened. I don't remember if I actually cried, but I find it likely that some tears of joy escaped my eyes (no one ever said I had to be crying because of something sad!)

Naruto - Naruto Learns of Jiraiya's Death

I had though that Naruto had sensed something from afar when his mentor lost his life, but he didn't find out until some time later what had happened. Jiraiya had been more like a father to Naruto than anyone, and, with his death, he finally understood the pain that his dear friend Sasuke must have felt, having lost so much.

Noragami - Yukine's Ablution

I think one of the reasons I love Yukine so much is because I feel for him so much. There were a few moments I considered covering here for him, but I'm pretty sure I cried during his ablution, even more so the second time around because I'd grown more attached to him and understood him more (by second time I mean I rewatched it, not that he had 2 ablutions!). Watching him go through all that was just so painful, but necessary! I'm so glad Yato toughed it out for him to learn his lesson (I guess "toughed it out" is probably a bit of an understatement... respect <3) rather than doing away with him like Tenshin kept pushing him to do. He stood by Yukine, and that's what pulled him back from the brink.

Sword Art Online II - Yuuki's Last Moments

Yuuki was a character that Asuna befriended in ALO, believed to be the greatest swordsman in the game. It turned out her and her entire guild, the Sleeping Knights were terminally ill patients, and they wanted to defeat a boss together to have their names displayed in the forum in the game while they could, and she selected Asuna to help them do it. When Asuna found her IRL, she learned that she was an AIDS patient who had volunteered to be a test subject for the potential medical applications of the VR tech. Asuna accompanied her in her final moments through ALO, and all of the players in the game gathered to see her off. It was a very touching moment, I thought!
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Lots of sad ones there. I think I cried at all of those!
I cried on the SAO Yuuki moment. I won't even lie.