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@vipgirl5 How I die: Your Love is My Drug Love life: Exodus Plays on my wedding day: Tired of Waiting Sober in my pants Plays at my funeral: Hello (SHINee) Lala Land with a shovel and screwdriver How my week was: The Best Damn Thing Theme Song: Take a Hint (Victorious) Plays when I think of someone I love: Just Right (GOT7) Plays when I miss Someone: Break Down (Super Junior M)
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1. Error XD 2. Toy "I'm a Toy, Toy" :( 3. Hate "wha?!" 4. The boys in my pants XD come on now! 5. 1CM omg! I never let go how short I am till the day I died XD 6. Sentimental with a shovel and screwdriver lol 7. I like that "perfect!" 8. Who Am I "yep, The question IS who am I?" 9. P.D.D "please don't die. Saranghae!" 10. Two moons "there was two of us... Just like the song..."