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Ship me

1) I'm girly but I don't show it 2) I love doing my nails 3) I'm awkward at times 4) I'm always at the mall 5) I'm shy at first 6) I love banana milk! 7) I like to read 8) I listen to every music genre 9) I'm creative 10) I can't hang out with big groups of people 11) I'll eat at any given time 12) I like taking selfies 13) I get red easily 14) I'm 5'3 15) I like wearing shorts, sandals and crop tops
Ship me? ^^ I don't have a tag list, anyone can go ahead and do it 😊
The Banana milk got me thinking Eunhyuk from Super Junior 😂 (cause then it'd be strawberries and bananas...haha...*awkwardly walks away*)
@EverieMisfit do it! It's fun reading the comments 😋
Definitely Jungkook from BTS
Also I wanna do this too! Haha
Jungkook from BTS!
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