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They arrived at the mall in a record time of three minutes and the mall was not close instead, it was in the next town. “Did you ever think of becoming a car racer or an escape driver?” Chaos asked.
“No but maybe I should put it in my college application,” Jake said getting out of the Camaro after turning the engine off.
“He only drives like this when someone mentions clothes which I guess it was what you said to get him to like you,” Lucy said Chaos shrugged before getting out with Lucy following right behind her. They followed a super excited Jake who had a skip to his walking, “By any chance is this mall big?” Chaos asked Lucy glances at her She doesn’t seem to be a fan of shopping by the look of her face and how her step was slow as to make the way into the mall longer than it was.
“I detest shopping,” Chaos said proving Lucy’s guess correct. Jake was completely unaware of how much disdain came of every pore on Chaos body. He grabs Chaos by her wrist who had to resist the urge of hurting him, he drags her around the mall going into many stores Chaos didn’t even know about.
“Well I’m glad I’m not the one being dragged around,” Lucy said to herself as she took a seat on a bench. The other being used by husbands and boyfriends sleeping with many shopping bags around them.
“Holy shit!” Lucy said her heart almost stopping at the sudden voice of Chaos who was casually sitting on the same bench as Lucy. A smirk decorated Chaos face as she unknowingly moved a clueless Lucy onto her lap for hiding purposes.
“Please do stay still,” Chaos said holding Lucy waist so she didn’t move.
“Let me go!” Lucy said Chaos clicks her tongue in annoyance, “Relax, I’m not going to do anything that is unless you want me too. I’m just using you to hide from both prying eyes and the cameras which are right behind you. Since the last time I checked I’m a wanted woman,” Chaos said.
Lucy shudders as a shiver ran down her spine from how close Chaos was and her warm breath when she leaned close to speak in her ear, “If you understand nod your head,” Lucy gave a slow nod of her head.
“How did you manage to escape Jake?” Lucy asked
Chaos lets out a chuckle, “Escaping from a shopping loving teen is not as hard than escaping from a vault.”
“There you two are and I’m not going to bother asking why you are sitting on her lap, Lucy,” Jake said Lucy face turned a light shade of pink as she quickly removed herself from Chaos lap. “Time to go,” Lucy said grabbing some of the bags Jake had. Finally, Chaos thought following behind a blushing Lucy with a struggling Jake to catch up to them with the bags he was carrying.
They made it back to Lucy’s house, Chaos quickly grabs Lucy laptop and sat down. “You might end up in the genuine book of world records for both driving and shopping record,” Lucy said Jake had a small smile on his lips as he relaxed in the sofa.
“Damn it,” Chaos said Lucy glances at her who closes the laptop and puts it on the table.
“Well I will have to get the information straight from the main computer,” Chaos said Lucy face was cover in worry which Chaos waved it away.
“Don’t worry I still know someone in Langley,” Chaos said Jake sits straighter before he said, “You’re insane,” Chaos smiles and nods along with laughs at him who jumped at the sound of his phone ringing.
He quickly answers it, “Hey mom. Yes, mom nothing happened,” he nods listening to his mom nagging him.
“Yes, I know I cannot sleepover at Lucy house and I’ll be home in a few,” he said and ended the call. Lucy giggles as she hugs him, “Be careful on your way home,” she said he nods and waves at Chaos who does the same.
“Wow, his parents are strict,” Chaos said Lucy nodded.
“What about your parents, Lucy?” Chaos asked carefully as Lucy face dropped into sadness. “They are always at working. So you can stay here as long as you need, I’ll order some pizza,” Lucy said Chaos nodded stopping herself from prying seeing as Lucy felt forgotten by her own parents. Chaos waited still Lucy left the room before grabbing the laptop and doing a quick search on Lucy parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrie are a lawyers and company owners. They are rarely at home but they send Lucy enough money to live by herself. They’re not good parents by leaving their only child alone to grow up without them. Chaos thought.
Writing the next chapter right now :D
@SindyHernandez She found it out from her laptop. Lucy doesn't even understand what she is feeling but in later chapters Jake is going to demand answers.
I'm so excited I can't wait 😆😆😆😆
ohhhhb there's going to be drama then I love it now I really can't wait 😁😁😁😁
how did chaos know about Lucy's last name ? 😕😮😮 why does Lucy blush every time chaos does something to her? is this a girlxgirl story? which I don't mind I'm open to anything plus the story is very good I love it I'm just a bit confused that's all can't wait for the next chapter 😄😄😄😄