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Autumn is the season for Mitten Crabs in China. It has very little meat but lots of roe.
@miranpark88 Actually foreigners find it hard to swallow food that is spicy and sour as they are more accustomed to sweet and salty taste. Korean use of hot Chilli peppers originated from the Japanese, who traded with the Portuguese. All hot chilli peppers come from South America.....they are not native to Asia. You must have quite a variety in Peru....which I hope you'd share with me. I enjoy Korean food because I am used to both the Chilli peppers and sour taste as it can be found in Chinese cooking. I love the Cold Noodles from Korea because it really picks me up. The taste really quite unique and different from the Soba style cold noodles of Japan.
@BernardQuek HAHAHA i really like kimchi having more variety than french have cheese hahahahahahaha that is true!! i thought that foreigners did not like kimchi for some reasonn for some i heard that it was the color and for some i heard that it was the smellll hahahahaha
@miranpark88 yes, tried lots of varieties and am aware you have more varieties of Kimchi than the French have cheese :-) My fav that time was the Cold noodles, the one with ice cubes floating in the broth.
@BernardQuek omg!!! you know what???? I LOVE THAT ONE TOO!!! did you try another type of kimchiii? did you know that there are more than 340 types of kimchi???
@Tapsamai, it is steamed with a type of dried perilla leaf. The roe is what you are after so that's where people go crazy. Personally I find the roe from the Spanner crab to be more satisfying. Mitten crabs are even found in the EU and much of America now. It is an invasive species.
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