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{DBC} Majin Buu vs Samoa Joe

Hello Z Warriors!

It's time for a Steel Cage Match for the NXT championship! The only ways to win is by pin fall, submission or escaping the cage!

Joe has the ability to turn Super Samoan 3! Arena: NXT takeover: Brooklyn 2, Brooklyn, Ny

Try not to take this to seriously as this is all for fun! Who wins? How does he win? Have fun with this guys and gals!

Thanks for reading everyone and don't forget to rock the dragon!

SAMOA JOE! Muscle buster from top of the steel cage, into the guillotine and buu taps out!
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Buu wins, he just flies out of the cage
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I think it depends on if there is food or not! Buu will fight is food is involved if not Joe all the way!
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