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So Im gonna wear this tomorrow (25th) for KCON NY *€* JIN AND I ARE BOTH BREATHING EAST COAST AIR RIGHT NOW *€*
My mom said they are at the sea port but she isn't sure. I see the Empire State Building cx (Unless its the Chrysler Building....... IDK WHAT SIDE THEY ARE ON OK The ES Building is taller so thats probably it 😭)
I have to wake up at like 5 tomorrow morning ;-; Oh Mai gat.. I could have been at the airport 😐 If you wanna meet up comment *^* Kakao - seokjane9201 Line - callmeusagi-chan Kik - JanellyM1234 Snapchat - janellym123 Neil bwayo - 내일 λ΄μš”πŸ‘‹πŸ» ~SeNa μ„Έλ‚˜πŸ“
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