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Hey guys! Okay. So I follow Tablo on snapchat, and his wife recently got a snapchat too!
(For those of you that want to follow, Tablo's snapchat is : bornhaters and Kang Hye Jung's is : harutube )
On both their snapstories, you can see the love they share for each other and their daughter Haru. Back when they announced their engagement, it was also announced that Hye Jung wa 5 weeks pregnant with their first child, Haru, and they married on October 26, 2009 when she was three months pregnant. Before you guys think that they married just because she was pregnant, they announced that they were going to get married anyways, but decided to move the marriage date closer due to the pregnancy.
Lee Seon Woong (aka Tablo or Daniel Armand Lee) was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on July 22, 1980. He is a Korean rapper, record producer, songwriter, author, and entrepreneur. He is better known as the leader of Epik High and the founder of the music label HIGHGRND (High Ground). Tablo was employed as a lyricist when he was in high school, and after completing his studies, he returned to Korean to pursue music against his parents' wishes.
Around the time of his daughter Haru's birth, there were numerous people that didn't believe Tablo's story of success. They didn't believe that the songwriter graduated from Stanford, which led to a lot of rumors and hate spreading. Some even went as far as to threaten his parents, his wife, and his unborn child. In the middle of all this controversy, Hye Jung gave birth to Haru. As he walked the corridors of the hospital, he noticed a few people give him looks of hatred. He stated "Since my attackers were anonymous, there was no way for me to know who was after me. I didn't know if the doctor, who's putting needles in my baby, is one of those people. It was terrifying." The fact that Stanford had officially confirmed his diploma didn't seem to matter as some anti-fans seemed to find another Daniel Lee that graduated from Stanford in 2002 and claimed that Tablo stole his identity. It was later revealed that Tablo did in fact receive a diploma alongside the other Daniel Lee.
Kang Hye Jung is an actress born on January 4, 1982 in Incheon. She made her debut as a magazine model while she was in her first year of high school in 1997. Later on she took on small roles in TV dramas and sitcoms while studying as a performing arts major at the Seoul Institude of the Arts. She started gaining notice after participating in the art house film "Nabi", but her breakout role was as Mido in the drama "Oldboy".
They've endured a lot separately, as a couple, and as a family, but they've stayed strong and pulled through. Hye Jung was there for Tablo when he was in the middle of that huge scandal that almost ruined the career he worked so hard for. They are a wonderful example of a wonderful marriage, and display great love and understanding for each other. What do you guys think?
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They have the kind of family I wish to have one day. I love seeing him with Haru and just seeing how proud he is of her and how much they both love and adore her is so heartwarming.
*cries I love Haru! I follow them on Snapchat too, they make me smile!😭😭😭
Thank you, this is a beautiful card about a beautiful family.
I'm not crying... I swear... *in the corner rocking back and forth* But all jokes aside they are so cute together and their daughter is just so cute. I'm like a proud parent even though they are twice my age haha
I like the family . Especiall Haru !
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