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As long as looking at it makes you hungry, then the picture of any food has served its purpose. Dim Sum Steam Buns. Pork filling of course. That's my fav
@miranpark88 Do you speak Portuguese? I would love to take you along if you do. I can only read some basic portuguese, can't speak it at all. Brazil is probably one place I have to visit one day. I want to sample the produce from the Amazon and aim to visit Balem city.
@BernardQuek WOW! i LOVE ceviche!!!! it's actually what I miss the most from peruuuu!!! well i can tell you that Brazil is an amazing country to live innn! Even though its a tiny bit dangerous the music, the people, and the FOOD!!! is amazing!! are you planning to travel anytime sooon???
@kristenadams I am currently living in Malaysia. You should try coming here for a Holiday as it's pretty exciting food wise. I know Anthony Bourdain simply loves Malaysia and Singapore. The food culture here is pretty unique.
@BernardQuek lol thats like so coool lol im from the statesss so nothin exotic about thattt LOL where r u living nowwww
@miranpark88, if you have eaten Guinea pig with a molay sauce, dined on Piranha, and love Cerviche....then you are definitely Peruvian! South America is a bit of a mystery to me as I have never been there but Brazilian influences can be found in Macau. A friend of mine has an aunt who has a Brazilian restaurant near Ruinas Sao Paulo.
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