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1. I love eating and just food in general 2. I don't like to sweat 3. I love all animals (especially bats and owls) 4. I mainly dress in all black 5. I'm a mixture of girly and boyish haha 6. I love playing video games 7. I wanted to be an art major (hence my love for video games and comics) 8. I love watching dramas 9. I like to stay up at night 10. I LOVE horror movies (like you don't even know) 11. I listen to all types of music (My Chemical Romance will always have my heart) 12. I have 3 tattoos 13. I have a cat, 2 dogs and a Guinea pig :) 14. I'm really awkward like I can't even explain how awkward I am 15. I'm super emotional but try really hard not to show it Also I don't have a tag list (sad I know) but feel free to do this! I'll probably make a card asking if you want to be put in a tag list and I'll start one! <3
You can add me to the tag list! (: Also, I ship you with Namjoon of BTS!
@MichelleIbarra yay! I have someone now haha and thank you :) Namjoon is a big bias wrecker for me haha
@EverieMisfit Seokjin is my bias, but Namjoon always gets me feeling some sort of way! >-<
@MichelleIbarra omg same here! I just get shaken up a bit but I always come back to him haha