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TOP: 진짜 멋지다 (Jinjja motjida) "So cool" Vocabulary: 진짜: really, so 멋지다: cool, nice, good Credit: To @BigBang_Likes on IG I can't tell whether TOP is being sincere or sarcastic anymore! I think he is being mostly playful 😂. Anyways, if you get a comment from TOP you take it and thank Jesus! 👌. Tag List: @JackieG1617 @kwonOfAKind @MonAnnahiX Let me know if you wanna be added/removed to the tag list or just follow the collection 😁.
I feel like Tabii likes to troll Seungri 😂
@sailynn I know, they all love to torture the poor maknae! 😂
@RedChord Panda was right when he said that the maknaes have it rough 😂😂😂
can i be added too your tag list pretty please ^ㅅ^
@AdreannaLyn sure thing!