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DAY 3 - Favorite male anime character ever?



Inuyasha will always be #1 in my book when it comes to my favorite anime and favorite male anime character for multiple reasons! I fell in love with Inuyasha, ever since I saw him in the first episode of the series Inuyasha. I thought he was very handsome and I love his long, silver hair. Plus, I love dogs and he has adorable dog ears to match his dog-like personality. Always snapping towards everyone and sniffing everywhere he goes. He's so cute! I love that before he gets to know someone, he acts spiteful and mean but after a few episodes he becomes the sweetest half human being ever. Inuyasha is a feisty and tough guy who deep down has a human's heart just like his father did who was a full demon. He falls in love with a human just like his father as well. He is caring, sweet and the funniest character from Inuyasha in my opinion. The more his face hit the ground after hearing the words "SIT BOY", it makes you laugh even harder! XD What I also really love about him being a half-human is that when there is a full moon his hair turns black and his ears are gone. So, it's like you get a 2 for 1 special with Inuyasha. You get 2 hotties in 1! Lastly, Inuyasha is very sensitive towards the ones he loves. When Kagome almost dies, he cries. He also cries for Kikyo in the Final Act. (SPOILER ALERT) When Kikyo finally leaves to rest in peace, Inuyasha is crying so hardcore and it made me so sad. I wasn't a fan of Kikyo but that scene had me bawling because of him and his love for Kikyo. He is such a likeable, strong, persistent and sweet character that I love to death! <3 He is definitely my favorite male anime character!

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what your FAVORITE male anime character is!

my favorite male character is Usui from Maid Sama. He is the type of guy I would like to be plus he has Misaki.
InuYasha ofc
@SymoneBelcher Zen w. is good also.
@pirateking47 I was going to say that XD but my other is Zen W. from Snow Withe with the Red Hair
Echizen Ryoma(Prince of Tennis)
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