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Lucy returned with a box of pizza and sat it down on the table. They eat a few slices before Lucy asked, “How do you plan on getting to Langley?”
“Driving but getting inside is the hard part,” Chaos said as she went through what Jake brought her along with being glad he got her a duff bag. Which Chaos packed the necessary things excluding the bright color clothes that would make her a neon sign at night.
“You are leaving now?” Lucy asked Chaos nodded. As Chaos packed Lucy made a run upstairs to her room and quickly packed. As she descended the stair where a patiently Chaos waited for her, “Aren’t you going to stop me?” Lucy asked.
Chaos shook her head, “They would have found you either way and kill you, but coming with me at least gives you more time to live. Don’t you agree?” Chaos said
“Yeah,” Lucy mumbles Maybe this way my parents will take notice of me.
Lucy followed Chaos outside to the Camaro and got in the driver side with Lucy on the passenger side.
“Jake stop hiding,” Chaos said glancing back at the top of Jake head who gets up from the car floor and wedged his head between Lucy and Chaos. Lucy smiles at Jake knowing full well he didn’t have any intention of returning home and missing the fun.
“I wasn’t going to stay behind as my best friend went on an adventure with dangerous Chaos no offence. Plus, I can get us to the destination in a snap,” he said snapping his fingers to prove his point.
“None taken. You know the way to Langley?” Chaos asked.
“Yep, we went on a field trip near there,” Jake said. Chaos nodded and switched seats with Jake.
A grin spread across his face that made Lucy quickly worry for her own safety so she moved to the back with Chaos who raised an eyebrow at her, but quickly dismissed it as Lucy pointed at Jake’s grin for speed.
“Now ladies get some rest especially you Chaos from how your eyes are closing right now even use Lucy as a pillow,” Jake said
“Hey!” Lucy protested Chaos zoomed out the rest of their conversation as she fell asleep.
“Doe!” a smirk decorated his face as he wrapped his big hand around Chaos neck. Her hands going straight to his hand to try and remove them from around her neck.
“Oh Chaos how I want to kill you but many people want to do the same. So let’s make this a game on who will catch the woman who is a threat to every nation,” he said and threw Chaos against the cement wall.
*End of Dream*
The glare of the sun from the window startled Chaos out of her sleep, her right hand going straight to her neck where the bruise his hand left healed. However, she could still feel that rough hand around her neck cutting off her air supply. Chaos felt something heavy on her left shoulder, she glances to see a sleeping Lucy.
Chaos glanced at the front where Jake was sleeping across the front seat. Chaos carefully moved Lucy to a more comfortable position before she got out of the Camaro that Jake parked in a coffee shop parking lot. Close by the CIA headquarters, Now how will I get in? Chaos wonders eyes scanning her surroundings. They landed on a familiar woman making the corner of her mouth lift up into a half smile.
“Time to get to work,” Chaos said making her way toward the woman who exited the coffee shop. The woman’s eyes saw Chaos approaching her, she gulps her body glued to the spot under those dark brown eyes that screamed dangerous.
“ChhChaos,” she stutters drawing a full smile to Chaos face.
“The one and only Bianca,” Chaos said her grip on the coffee strengthen as fear ran through her from her knowledge on how dangerous Chaos can be that even the government had to have her on their side instead of against them.
“Now Bianca I’m going to ask you a favor and don’t worry no harm will fall upon you,” Chaos said her words doing nothing to calm down Bianca who could only nod in respond.
“Copy file 368 and also information on agent Doe,” Chaos said Bianca nodded and Chaos had to lightly push Bianca on the direction she wanted her to go.
Doe for sure will be seen again but Bianca is in the middle of maybe she will have a big part or small part.
this just keeps getting better every single time 😆😆 but I'm curious to see who Doe is and who is Bianca? 😕😮😁