2 years ago1,000+ Views's another recipe I played around with while cooking for my mom :) It's chicken with quinoa and salad. ^^ This is nice to eat during lunch. If you're going to eat it for dinner, avoid the quinoa as you don't want to eat carbs before bed ^^
So, here's what you'll need: 1. One chicken breast 2. Lemon Pepper Seasoning 3. Quinoa 4. Vegetable mix (I use a spring mix from Costco, but feel free to use what you like) 5. Pan or grill (I will be using a grill, but either one works) 6. Coconut oil 7. Flipper/tongs
Now let's start!
The first thing we'll cook is the get out your chicken breast and wash it thoroughly. Then, cut it into small bite size pieces.
Now go ahead and season it with the lemon pepper.
Go ahead and turn up the heat on the grill or pan. Put it on medium fire. Then apply the coconut oil. *Please don't mind my grill...I just finished cooking bbq for my brother (>.<)
Set the chicken on the grill. Watch it and flip it once one side is cooked.
Once that's done, set it aside to plate later :)
Next thing is the quinoa. Follow the instructions given on the bag since they all differ. Once that's all cooked, measure out about 3 ounces.
Last thing is the veggies...this you get to choose how much. I suggest a nice two handfuls. It'll keep you nice and full ^^
Now we get to plate! Take your plate of veggies and set the quinoa on top. Then put the chicken on top and you're all done!
I hope you all like it! Again, if you do cook it, take a pic and tag me! I'd love to see it :) Also, a note on the quinoa...this can be replaced with brown rice. I'll tell you guys how to cook quinoa and brown rice in a different way next time! For now, happy eating!
@SweetDuella Haha, I have to find it then ^^
@GamerKyumin a tasty recipe. lol those are really good. lol it's a good coincidence I'll say 😊
@SweetDuella Chicken stuffed with cheese sounds really good 🧀 Haha, but what a huge coincidence 😄
@GamerKyumin it's funny that I actually got chicken breasts today to do a different recipe, chicken stuffed with cheese. now I have one left so now I have something to make with it! Yey!
That looks so good!!! ☺
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