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JUNGKOOK By all means, why all the damn secrets? what's going on between Taehyung and Jimin? If Taehyung had a crush on me had a crush on me why didn't he tell me at first instead of hiding it for so long? I think it was probably because he felt embarrassed. It doesn't matter though I mean I don't really have feelings for him, the one I like is Jimin. But somehow I feel bad for ignoring it for so long the fact that over the past few years I seemed to have gotten closer and more confortable with Tae. Tae came out of his room a few minutes after I left Jimin. He went to the kitchen and didn't even notice I was right next to him. As I stare at him I can't help but wonder why in the world would I deny my feelings. Another thing I notice was that when Jimin mentioned Tae's name he got kind of angry, like he didn't like mentioning his name. Was he jealous?. TAEHYUNG Jungkook was right next to me when I passed by him. He seemed to be in his own thoughts for a while but then I noticed him staring at me as if he wanted to kill me or something. Did he and Jimin fight? did Jimin tell him something to get him pissed at me? why is he staring at me like that?. I push my thoughts away and drank a glass of water. The cold liquid felt quite relaxing and that lump on my throat was gone after crying my eyes out for a few hours. I closed my eyes at the thought of getting rejected no matter what I tried to do to get Jungkook but alas there's nothing to worry about. I mean, him and Jimin are on to something right?. As I kept thinking I kept on taking glasses of water until I felt a hand on my hand holding the cup away from me. "What are you doing? give it back Kook." "Tae were you crying? what happened to you?" "It's non of your business. Shouldn't you be out with Jimin?" "He didn't want to go anymore." Jimin rejected? that's a first. "Um ok." "Tell me Taehyung why were you crying? you're drinking too much water and it's worrying me." "If you would've payed more attention you would've known why I was crying but since you're too busy up on Jimin's ass you can't even tell what's happening to your own best friend. You are such a caring friend, I don't know what I would do with out you... oh wait I know: I would live without tears for a long while."
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