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Gracefully (SAO inspired)

Today I perform an originally song of mine in front of hundreds of people. It's called Gracefully and its inspired by the SAO progressive manga novels. I feel like the voice for Asuna, who only wants to prove herself, whether she dies in the process or not....but Kirito always manages to come in and save her....but what if she doesn't want to be saved? What if she just wants to try her best perhaps as a solo player, and even wants to fall....gracefully? If you haven't checked out this progressive manga series, you are missing out. As an SAO fangirl, I will even admit that I think it's better than the originally manga. They go into what happens on each floor and Kirito is hilarious and Asuna has more of a role, and a deeper characterization. Also Argo!!!! Why was she not in the anime more!!! Her and Kirito are such a great BEta tester duo, I promise many laughs with this series. And Kirito secretly has been crushing on our girl Asuna from the start. πŸ˜‰ So check this out and stay tune for another AMV and original song from me about my favorite couple in a different life. >.
Update: my original song got me 7 callbacks!!!! Thanks SAO for inspiring my songwriting 😊😊😊
@midnitestar421 😍You're so cool! I wish I was creative like that! I love singing and playing music and stuff, but I wish I could write!
sounds sweet!
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