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Ship me

1. I like food 2. I love sleep 3. Hanging out with friends 4. Video games 5. Reading 6. Singing 7. dancing (not very good) 8. sleeping 9. favorite color is black 10. favorite animal dog/wolf 11. Like going to the mall to chill 12. NETFLIX 13. SLEEP 14. Sometimes i like to just chill at home 15. sleep
I SHIP YOU WITH JIN SO HARD RN OMGGG Think about it...He loves food, he likes video games, he likes to read, he's not the strongest dancer, he sings!! ermagersh yesss
BamBam lol
@KatelynSummerso i didnt realize how much me and him are the same lol
Suga seems like a good choice
@SimplyAwkward seems right lol
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