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So, our very lovely Leader-nim's birthday is coming up on July 1st! In honor of his 33rd birthday, I shall be doing a Leeteuk Week! I'm not quite sure what it will consist of, but I'm sure it'll be filled with Leeteuk spams! So let's start off with a couple of gifs ^^ *I don't own anything
How does he look like he hasn't aged a day? Seriously? (>.<)
It's really not fair...he's not allowed to be that cute (/.\)
Even when he's crying...sigh...fighting Leader-nim! :)
He is gorgeous! I can't believe he's going to be 33, he doesn't look it at all. I love him. I hate seeing him cry though :( I hate seeing any of my boys cry :(
@MelissaGarza Haha, they wouldn't dare! But, Eunhyuk did watch his spot for him ;) Unfortunately, no...but his mom wants him to get married. Leeteuk said that he doesn't want to get married until he's 40 though πŸ˜‚ But I so ship him with Sora (>.<)
I always wonder about that. I wondered if he was still Super Junior's leader. I thought they changed it when he went to do his mandortary military service. I'm glad he's still their leader. now the question is, is he married? 😁
My favorite leader ❀❀❀
@ESwee Oh, I'll add you right now :)
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