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Same Girl, Same!

[SMTM5 Team AOMG Ep. 7 - Gray, Simon D, and One]

Can't wait for the English subs to come out because honestly this episode seems like sh!t about to get real! (GIF Credit To: yooneroos)
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@TaraJenner Normally you can find them on Kshowonline (directs you to facebook video), but they just uploaded ep. 6 and I don't think episode 7 will be up for a couple days or even a week.
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im loving their voices, got me melting first thing after waking up.😍😍
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I'm not going to survive in this world.
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@Namjoonsbutt Your vingle name is awesome. Just wanted to say that 😂
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oh my gosh. they were amazing!
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