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You’d been watching him the entire night. The way his raven-black hair fell across his forehead, only barely concealing his eyes that held a wicked playfulness. Your sights were trained on the plush look of his lips that seemed to be branded with a permanent smirk as he eyed the crowded bar of people. His movements were smooth, and he exuded confidence as he began making his way through the mob of figures, and everyone parted for him, like his beaming presence pushed them out of his path.
You’re so entranced by his existence that you don’t even register when your group of friends move away from the bar and towards the dance floor. Your eyes stay on him, bottom lip trapped between your teeth as you became intoxicated by his aura.
In fact you’re so engrossed by him, you don’t even notice when his predatory gaze lands on you, and he begins to approach you. It’s like he has you under a spell, and you’re completely frozen in place as he makes his way up to you. Your breath stalling as your heart beat began rigging in your ears.
It was the hot whisper of his breath as it fanned across your neck that made your body instantly ignite with a clawing desire. You locked eyes with the raven-haired boy, the intensity of his gaze quickly making you forget about the pounding music reverberating throughout the bustling night club. The hundreds of people swarming around the two of you seemingly nonexistent. It was just him, and his darkly colored irises that felt like they were boring through the entirety of your soul.
Your breath hitched as he leaned forward, the brush of his lip etching past your cheek as he dipped his head to settle next to your ear. “You seem a little nervous.” He whispered against your skin, and it makes you physically shudder.
“N-no, I’m fine.” You stutter, and internally curse yourself. He pulls back, quirking his eyebrow upwards, giving you a smug look that says he doesn’t believe you; which he definitely shouldn’t. He was making you incredibly nervous, the dominant presence of his looming figure, making a tingly rush shoot throughout your limbs.
“You know, you aren’t exactly subtle with your staring, babe, and it looks to me that you need a little help relaxing.” You felt the heat rush to your face from his knowing words. You were both leaning against the side of the bar as he continued to seductively whisper to you. You watched the way his lips lifted upwards in the corner as he seemed to enjoy your shy behavior. You weren’t usually like this, it was more of a mutual flirtation, but for some reason this guy was rendering you speechless. The intense gaze of his eyes, and the plush look of his lips, making you internally groan with this feral sense of need for him.
“Are you trying to insinuate that you can help me do that?” You finally reply, and you internally thank yourself for sounding confident in his blinding presence. His lips form into a full on smirk at your response, and then he’s suddenly leaning in further to where the tips of your noses were almost brushing. Your eyes widen, and your confident front is quickly broken back down.
“That is exactly what I’m insinuating.” He says in a hushed tone, the whisper of his breath now hitting the skin of your lips. Your breathing was becoming labored as the sane part inside of you told you to back away from him… but you just couldn’t.
“Well, I think I’d like to know your name first, before I decide.” You manage to say with a flirty smile, and he lets out a light laugh.
“Fair enough, I’m Baekhyun, and you?” He said with a smirk as he waited for your response. He clearly already knew that he had you in his grasps, so you think the least you can do is try and tease him a bit.
“Sorry, I don’t just give my name out, you’re gonna have to earn it.” You quip with a smile, and it makes this apparent Baekhyun’s face contort into a pleasantly surprised expression.
“Well looks like I should get started then.” He breathes, and then suddenly you’re enveloped in the smooth press of his lips. The already dulled atmosphere of the club was now completely muted as you got lost in the sync of his mouth against yours. You’re hesitant at first, but once you feel the swipe of his tongue come across your lip, you quickly fall into his touch. His hand comes down on your lower back as he presses you closer into his body.
You both begin to explore each other, wandering hands running over every inch of skin that the two of you can possibly find, until eventually you feel him hesitantly break away, before lightly peppering kisses down your jaw. You hear the sweet whisper of his words as he suggests the two of you leave, and you quickly agree.
The cab ride back to your place is a blur as the two of you resume your heated kiss in the backseat of the car. Your hands threading in to each other’s hair as you desperately tried to claw your way to being as close as you possibly can to each other, until finally you hear the yell of the cab driver. You both stumble out, and Baekhyun quickly throws some bills the driver’s way before you make your way to the front door of your apartment.
Your hand shakily pushes the key into the lock before opening the door. You feel his hand usher you forward, and then as soon as both of you are inside and the door is locked, your back is pressed against the nearest wall.
“Ready to tell me your name now, sweetheart?” His breath fanned out against your face, making the burning desire in your lower stomach crackle.
“I don’t think you’ve done anything to deserve that, Baek-hyun.” You smile as you break his name up in a mocking manner, and he can’t help the grin that creeps to his lips.
“Don’t worry baby, I’ll change that right now.” He smirks, and then you’re quickly cloaked in his intoxication by the feeling of his feverish lips attacking the side of your neck. Your fingers rake their way through his black locks, coaxing him to continue his ministrations along your skin. You feel the wicked flickering of his tongue dance along the sensitive area below your ear, and you can’t help the soft mewls of satisfaction that fall from your mouth.
His wandering hands descend down your sides, until they begin to play at the hem of your too short dress. You feel the harsh dig of his fingers as they press crescent moons into the flesh of your thigh. A soft yelp leaves your mouth at the pleasurable sting, and you feel a dark chuckle breathed into your neck.
“You know, you could save yourself from this teasing, and just tell me your name.” He says as he pulls back from your neck, allowing you to inhale a giant gasp of air.
“What’s the fun in that?” You say shakily, with an already fucked out grin plastering your lips.
“I guess I’ll just have to earn it then.” He says darkly, and then you suddenly feel his hands come around to your back, instantly yanking the zipper of your dress down. The loose material falls to the floor, leaving you in just your bra and panties. Baekhyun doesn’t waste any time dropping to his knees is front of you, and you bite down on your lip in excitement.
“I wouldn’t be smiling if I were you, babe.” He says from below you, and you’re about to ask him what he means but you suddenly feel his mouth press into your clothed core.
You gasp harshly before dropping your sights down to him, and you find him already staring back up at you with animalistic eyes. Your mouth parts widely as you feel the press of his tongue through the material of your thin panties. You feel his hands wrap around the back of your thighs, slowly ascending until he’s cupping your ass, squeezing harshly into the flesh.
“Look at that baby, dripping down your thighs for me already.” He whispers, and it makes you whimper.
“Baekhyun, please…” You beg, as you’re dying to feel him without the barrier of your underwear.
“What’s your name then?” He smiles, clearly enjoying the tease.
“Fuck—” You gasp, as he presses his thumb against your covered clit. You start to grind yourself against his fingers, but he quickly pulls them away.
“Baek—” You start.
“Name?” He asks as he looks up at you with a sarcastically innocent expression. You trapped your lip between your teeth as you contemplated what you should do. Of course you wanted him to continue, but you also didn’t want to give up your little game so easily, so you lean down and pull at his arm, tugging him upwards.
“What—” He begins, but stops when he watches you drop to your knees in front of him, quickly undoing his belt.
“You’re gonna tell me eventually.” He says as he steps out of jeans.
“Yeah, well it’s gonna take more than a little bit of teasing to get it.” You smile as you yank his boxers down around his ankles, revealing his flushed cock. You lick your lips as you bring your hand up to grasp the hardened member. You lean forward placing a light kiss on the tip, and a harsh hiss releases from above you.
You look up flashing him a winning smile, and he simply gives you a shake of his head. “I promise you won’t be laughing later,” He pauses, grasping the member in his hand before slapping it lightly against your cheek. “When I’m drilling this dick deep in your pussy.” Your mouth drops as his filthy words, but you can’t deny the heat that it sends shooting straight to your core.
You quickly grasp him again, enveloping his tip into your mouth. Your eyes flick upwards and you watch as his head falls back against the wall. His hands immediately find their way to your hair. The reaction pleases you, so you sink lower onto his length until you feel the tip hit the back of your throat.
“Damn, baby girl.” He growls, and it makes you moan into length as you begin to bob your head against him. You feel his hand resting on top of your head as he coaxed you along in your movements. You slid your tongue against the underside of his cock, hollowing your cheeks, until you felt the slight quiver of his thighs. He began to thrust slightly into your mouth, the deepness making tears prick at your eyes. You know he’s close so you push yourself to keep going, moving your head at a faster pace, and just when you think you have him, you feel his hand grip further into your hair, pulling you off of him.
You’re instantly pulled from the ground into a standing positon, saliva dripping down your mouth. “Why’d you stop—” You start, but the words are cut off by the feeling of his mouth crushing against yours. You throw your arms around his neck as he pushed his tongue past the barrier of your swollen lips. You begin to fist at the fabric of his shirt, and he finally breaks away.
“Bedroom?” He breathes, and you instantly begin pulling him down the hall to your room. You feel the back of your knees hit the bed, and you instantly fall back against the mattress. You’re propped up on your elbows, and you watch as he rips his shirt over his head before crawling towards you. You fall back as he begins to hover over your body, the lust in his eyes perfectly reflecting your own.
“So are you finally gonna be a good girl, and tell me your damn name?” He says through hooded eyes.
“Hm, I don’t know if you’ve earned it yet.” You tease beneath him, and he lets out an exasperated sigh. You watch as he sits up on his knees, and almost instantaneously he has your panties pushed to the side, and is plunging two of his fingers inside of your drenched heat. Your back arches off of the mattress, and you yell out a strangled cry of his name.
“Tell me.” His voice is strict as he demands for you to spill your name, but you keep your mouth shut as you bask in the feeling of his fingers curling against you. His pumps get harder as he continues to delve into your core, a fiery pressure building inside of you that was threatening to snap at any moment. Your thighs start to shake, and your fingers curl into the sheets as you feel your high about to take over—but then suddenly you felt nothing. Your eyes shoot open, and they’re met with a smug expression.
“Okay, princess, this is the point where you’re gonna tell me your name so that you get to cum, alright?” He stares down at you patiently, and you hate the cocky smirk covering his lips. You wish you could wipe the look off of his face, but the ache in your core was almost too much to handle, so you decide to fold.
“Y/N.” You mumble.
“What was that?” He asks with a hand next to his ear making you roll your eyes.
“It’s Y/N, happy? You say with a frown.
“Baby, with what I’m about to do to you, there’s no reason to pout.” He smirks, and before you can get out a snarky reply, you’re quickly flipped onto your stomach. You feel your hips being pulled up to level with his crotch, and a tingly excitement runs through your body. You palms dig into the sheets when you feel him slide your underwear down your legs before positioning his member at your entrance. You try to push yourself back to get some friction, but he simply digs his hands into your hips, stilling your movements.
“So eager for my cock, Y/N.” He’s teasing you, and you let huff out in annoyance.
“Baek—” You’re about to throw a string of curses his way, but before you can you feel his thick length instantly fill you to the brim, and you gasp as you fall to your elbows.
“Shit, you’re so fucking tight.” He growled as the dig of his fingers pressed bruises into your skin. He paused for a few seconds, giving you some time to adjust before he finally started moving. He brought his hips back in one slow and tantalizing motion before harshly thrusting back into you. You scream out in pleasure, and he quickly finds a steady rhythm inside of you.
“You like that, baby girl?” He growls with a light smack to your ass, and you can practically hear the smugness seeping out of his voice. You tried to bury your face into the sheets to drown out your irrepressible mewls, but you suddenly feel an arm wrap around your waist, pulling you back against his body.
“I don’t think so, I wanna hear that pretty voice of yours.” He whispered into your ear, and a slight whimper leaves your mouth. “That’s it, baby.” He says as he begins to suck at the sensitive area below your ear.
“Baekhyun, please keep going.” You beg as you try to grind against him.
“Whatever you want, babe.” He says with a smirk before releasing his grip on your waist, and letting you fall back onto all fours. You felt the caress of his hand travel down your spine, sending a noticeable shiver throughout your entire body. He began snapping his hips into yours once again, causing half-moaned screams to escape your mouth.
You could already feel the pressure in your stomach rising at an incredible rate as he continued to pound into you, his tip repeatedly brushing across that spot that had you seeing white. You were tightening around his thick length as your limbs began to shake from the sensations of your impending high.
“Awe, is baby about to cum for me?” His voice was dripping with lust and confidence as his thrusts became harder and harder. You hummed in agreement as you began to throw your hips backwards to meet his movements. “Fuck, I’m not gonna last much longer either.” He growled, his nails continuing to dig into your sides.
Your legs began to shake as your breaths started to come out in ragged pants, letting you know just how close you were. It probably would’ve only taken another minute or so for you to come undone, but you suddenly feel the brush of Baekhyun’s fingers as he began to rub over your clit, pushing you completely over the edge. Your arms collapsed beneath you, and you began to desperately claw at the sheets as your mind disappeared in a flurry of euphoria.
“F-fuck, it’s like your pussy’s swallowing me, baby.” His voice broke as you began tightening around him. He pumped into you, helping you ride out your high, until it became too much for him, and he quickly pulled out, releasing his sticky seed onto your back. You collapsed against the bed, heavy breaths filling the room.
Your mind was completely fucked out, and you laid there trying to catch your breath for a couple of minutes, not aware of anything around you, until you feel the warmth of a wash cloth comes across your back. You look over your shoulder to find Baekhyun wiping away the remains of his orgasm. You let out an appreciative hum at the warm feeling, before he brings it away, joining the empty space beside you.
“You know for someone who wanted to know my name so badly, you sure didn’t use it very much.” You tease as you turn to face him, pushing some of his matted hair away from his face as he does the same for you.
“I’ll be sure to use it next time.” He says as he begins to pepper kisses along the side of your jaw.
“Next time?” You question with a smile, and he pulls back to look at you.
“Only if you’d want that of course.” He grinned as he began to skim his fingers along your side making you shiver, your body still sensitive from the pleasure that he’d given you.
A smile overtakes your lips as you meld yourself closer into his body, your hand entangling itself into his raven locks once again, before moving to whisper against his lips. “I think you earned it.”
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