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Was very disappointed with the recent update. The series challenges has changed and little else has been added to the game except making it harder for you to compete at every tier. Each series of challenges are locked (it was open previously where you only needed to buy a car and enter the series) and EA sums it up by asking more of your money to complete the whole racing league.
@takashi02 I hope so too. Godspeed.
@BenardQuek Yes, the demo on the ps3. I'm surprised that the cars handled that poorly. Surely, they will fix it in the real version. With all the hype on how GT6 is going to be better than GT5 I hope that it can live up to it.
@takashi02 You mean the GT6 Nissan Academy demo on PS3? Yep, played it and I am not impressed. The cars lack handling character, you know when you are driving a fast and responsive car, it shows when you try to control it round corners. The Nissan GT6 demo just lacks that feel. Thank God it is just a demo. If the cars handled exactly the same, I won't be playing it.
Ah that sucks to hear. Hopefully GT6 will be better! have you downloaded the demo already?
@takashi02 The graphics look good but there are problems with the gameplay. The game physics and collision detection isn't good. When you hit a car, that car sticks to the road like glue. When you forcibly hit the car on one side, instead of spinning out, it pins you on the fender. What I hated about the update is that it offers nothing new except some new car models and restricts your car to a Performance Rating required in each tier. Driving simulators on mobile devices also suffer from control issues. At high speed, RR3 controls are never spot on.
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