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Byun Baek Hyun
Ever since Monster came out.... Baekhyun's Monster look has been driving me up the wall. That lip and ear chain (fake or not), looks damn good on him. He wears it well, I must say, WAAAAAHHH! I just wanna Squeeze him.
Some of his W Korea shots.
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@QueenLee He sure does! He gives me a funny feeling in my tummy
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*fangirls* he has been "creeping creeping " into my heart
a year agoReply
Girl I know what you mean Baekhyun is sexy as hell in this 馃槶馃憛馃挦
a year agoReply
@QueenLee he sure does look so good but he's not the one that's been creeping into my heart even though he's really cute
a year agoReply
Yes yes yes!!!!!!!
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