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1 Week Until "Fly In USA" - Dallas -馃槃馃挅
I'm super excited that I'm going to see GOT7 in Dallas!! The day before, me & my mom are going to fly to Dallas (bc we don't live there lol) and my family will pick us up. It kinda sucks that mine and my mom are in different sections but it will be fine (I hope >.<). I have P1 & she has P4 so I'll be taking a picture with them & have early entry. Is there anyone else who has P1? I don't want to be alone, but if it ends up that way oh well it happens then.
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We're leaving to Dallas that night馃槀 @MelissaGarza
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@lucinda That's so funny 馃槀 what are doing? Crossing paths? 馃槀
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lol馃槀 @MelissaGarza
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@TaraJenner I'm taking my little sister to the Atlanta concert! Everything sold out so quickly though!
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im was wanting to go sooo bad... i didnt realize it was only 4 days away! ugh im so jealous. i hope you have fun though your so lucky
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