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Feeling a little upset about not being able to purchase Kcon LA tickes *sigh*

But Bts never fail to lift up my spirits ♡

Hope these dorks can help you guys have a brighter day! ^_^

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Yeah it was really upsetting, was the website being weird with you too? :o @ShortyGarcia
a year ago·Reply
yes it would load and when it did it was sold out -.- @PolarStarr
a year ago·Reply
Omg same!! Im really sorry to hear that you had to go through that too. 🙁 @ShortyGarcia
a year ago·Reply
me too it sucks I feel bad for everyone that it also happened too @PolarStarr
a year ago·Reply
Same 🙁 @ShortyGarcia
a year ago·Reply