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Lady Gaga went makeup-free in a new photo posted on her official fan site Littlemonsters Wednesday, July 24. "As they pry the single from my bleeding fingers. It's a scary thing to revisit those things underneath, the pain in your past. But all I found was raw passion. I thought I was destroyed inside. I'm ready to fight. Start the music," she wrote alongside the revealing photograph.
@blairwitme @kristenadams hell! how much are they gonna pay for it?.. i might line up myself.. lol
@shoenami @kristenadams Little Monsters would line up for sure!
@blairwitme @kristenadams lol.. oh yes! she could've hired someone to clean her up! And I bet many will want to have that job! XD
@kristenadams @shoenami she's probably too tired from dancing and singing, but doesn't she have enough money to pay someone to clean her up without having to move? lol
@kristenadams @blairwitme imagine all the chemicals and sweat seeping in her skin while she's sleeping!!!
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