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This is something that I believe is happening in the camera market place. Full frame sensors are expensive to make and this also applies to the lenses. For a casual shooter, the APS-C is a great way to start.
@lyricalmotion true, I agree. that is why I get so much satisfaction with the results from my puny camera. it embarrasses the heck out of those gear heads who use spiffy cameras. ;-)
@lyricalmotion, the reasoning is simple, if you have the money, why not buy a Ferrari and drive that to the supermarket to get your groceries? The problem is that people who do not have the money are sold on the idea that getting a full frame camera is the only way to reach the status of a good photographer. That is probably the most misleading part. Full frame cameras are nice to own, but the cost outweighs the benefits. If you are a casual photographer who do not need to shoot images to earn your daily wage, then full frame is big mistake and a waste of money.
@roselee89 It's really very easy, the terms full frame refers to the film size of the old 35mm cameras. That is the size of the sensor of modern digital cameras. So the sensor is really the film sensitive element of the digital camera. I know it sounds high tech but you have to view this as nothing more than a image element that captures your photos. The APS-C size sensor refers to a smaller sensor (about a third smaller than the full frame 35mm size) which is often used in entry level digital cameras. The main difference you should know is that full frame sensor cameras and the APS-C type cameras, is the price. Full frame cameras are the most expensive but sometimes it just doesn't quite justify the price if you are only a casual shooter.
I wish I could understand what is going on here. I'm not much of a gadget person, may I ask what is APS-C?? Hahaha.