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Like OMG the first night was freaking lit. The queen of course slayed the house down. She slayed so hard that the music cut off. (technical difficulties) namjoon hosting with the queen. ill upload more later need to rest now
even closer tonight they upgraded me from p1 to platinum
you were soo close!!! but I was blown away by ailees performance and she's such a sweetheart and so genuine and.....Seventeen made me sooo proud they did such an amazing job ...btob killed me....crush ...ughhhh I died.....dynamic duo killed it....and Namjoon being there hosting killed my soul It was amazing day
@Ohitsjas ooooohhhhh Taaaaaakkkkkeeee Piiiiiiccccccccctttuuurrrrreeeessssss of monsta x so I can scream silently in my room 😂😂😂
word I'm just gonna learn sign language for now lol I'm just going be mute till it comes back
@Tabili I can imagine ....Jae is adorable I wish I could have done both days but they sold out fast and yeah might as well just forget talking for the next 12 years😂
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