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What's up guys, John here. Taeyeon has released a MV for one of tracks. This is off her album "Why" which will be released June 28th. The song is named "Starlight" which is accompanied with the famous R&B artist, Dean. The song sounds amazing and has a really nice beat. According to Soompi, the song is about a couple being in love.
Honestly Tayeon and Dean did a great job. They looked like they had fun filming. Taeyeon, of course, looked absolutely stunning and her voice was perfect with Dean's. The song has an overall chill vibe with some hip hop added in there. The beat is so catchy too.
Taeyeon's full mini album will be dropped on June 28. Many collaborations with different producing teams and singers will be featured on the album. One singer that will be featured is going to be former Girls' Generation member Hyoyeon. Please support Taeyeon's album!!! Credit to article here

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