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Hehe ;)
@AverageJoeGamer sorry to butt in, but I can't stand when someone is being bullied. Why the heck are you picking on her like that? Here on Vingle we hare supposed to be a friendly community. You may be right that it is "just a picture" but here on Vingle there is a variety of ages so when stuff like this gets posted it needs a mature content warning. This way the people that don't like or are not ready for the more mature stuff can just ignore it. There is no problem with simply putting a warning on your card. Just because @gabbycalzada didn't want to see this stuff does not mean you have to tell her to leave and be so rude about it. All I'm saying is that we should just keep our community a friendly environment.
isn't this a bit rough for the younger audience on here? I'm not hating but wouldn't this also push away a majority of the female viewers in the community as well :/
@JessicaFerrier I probably did go far but I mean if she didn't want to see this, she should've just left. Anybody else in her position would have done the same. Maybe for the future, I'll put disclaimers. I should be more friendly, I understand that but if you don't like what you're viewing, just leave. Don't stay and comment and whatnot, just leave.
Lf> my ass to look like that ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
@AverageJoeGamer nah I think I'll stay, I kinda wanna see you fail at life a little more
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