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I get to touch these beautiful babies tomorrow. ..omg... I am so blessed
screen shot from a wattpad yoonmin fanfic lol
I can't wait to see my loves and my babies jimin&suga&tae&kookie&rapmon&hobi&jin
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@GamerKyumin it's a package. it comes with the V1 combo and premium combo package but the premium involves more and cooler prizes including a backstage tour
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@KDluvR1999 Ah, thank you :)
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@ @GamerKyumin it's included with certain things like 2 guaranteed hi touch& 2 red carpet days & other perks..but you literally do not know who u will's a scratch off and I was blessed to get bts. ..since we travel half way around.usa to come to kconNYC and I was just so happy I got who I actually wanted. .to meet bts
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My friend literally got 2 bts. and she gave me the 2nd one because she knew I loved them...I was literally shaking. ..I cried lol
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You got a combo? I hope theres still BTS ones left ;-;
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