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Ahahahaha! This had me laughing so hard. From Patricia Hernandez on Kotaku.com: " If you have an eagle eye, maybe you've noticed certain symbols on the Steam summer sale postcards. If you're a conspiracy theorist, you might even think they're teasing something. But what? This image, posted on Reddit by rawberry1110, makes fun of where I'm sure your mind immediately goes now that we're talking about something a) involving Valve and b) conspiracy theories."
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lol the whole conspiracy with Steam was ridiculous this whole month
still confirmed for half life 3
@GuzmanDiaz @takashi02 @BlackMage @relinashinee @nshen1 @lovemilkis ROFL!!!! I absolutely love this and serious props to the person who put it together. It was only a matter of time before someone made a serious one to confirm for HL3. XD
Finally, a conspiracy that DOESN'T involve Half Life!
@YinofYang lol... my head is sdil spinning. Too muchXD