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Found this video being shared around and thought it was pretty interesting! Basically, this guy breaks down Slice of Life anime (which is a pretty broad category) into more specific types of SoL. Many anime can cross between the shows as well.

1: Gag-driven Slice of Life

* Building up to comedic climax for the most part
* Still just being relatable & sentimental while still sticking to the sitcom style
* Can sometimes watch in any order
Nichijou, Lucky Star, The Daily Lives of High School Boys, Sakamoto-desu ga?

2: Cute Girls Doing Cute Things

(or boys :D)
* goal is to be charming & cute & smile inducing
Is the Order a Rabbit?, Pan de Peace,

3: Iyashikei

* soothing, comforting, healing shows!
* mundane life somehow because more whimsical, beautiful & heartwarming
* therapeutic!
Hinamori Sketch, Non Non Byori, Aria

4: Character-driver Slice of Life

* this one actually has a narrative in terms of the growth of one or more character
* need depth of character & setting to be believable
K-on!, Usagi Drop
Anyways, I just loved the idea that we shouldn't just shove all similar anime into a box labelled "genre" and instead try to figure out what the show does to make it unique.

Which type of Slice of Life is your favorite?

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I like watching comedic slice of lifes but I really like to watch character driven slice of life anime. but that's also for all anime that I watch.
a year ago·Reply
@RueTasogare have you seen daily life of highschool boys and manga yotsuba
a year ago·Reply
kimi to boku!
a year ago·Reply
i don't think I'm much of a slice of life person, but I think 3 & 4 r prob my favorite types.
a year ago·Reply
2 or 4 but I honestly don't watch much slice of life
a year ago·Reply