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I mean he is already super adorable, but he was so cute when he was younger.
His voice cracked at the end which is super adorable <3
Can this boy get any cuter I swear I'm going crazy.
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Omg boy can you please not?! Can't I please have just one group that isn't totally wrecked because I love them all so much?! That's it all of ikon are my biases! I just can't choose anymore! 😩💖😂
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@xoxorittie I'm the same I thought I was safe from Chan, but he is becoming so adorable as he grows up it like noo stop it your adorable and killing me. 😂😂
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@Sammie99522 Right?! 😂😂 We're not safe from any of them!
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so cute!
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aww so cute 😻
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