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A lot of people buy foundation with SPF in them to protect their skin, but what if I told you that this isn't the right way to go about protecting your skin?

Check this out.

Anything that has blue means that it isn't adequately protected from the sun. Scroll through the images yourself!
You can read all about the science of it here, but basically, the protection offered by a product is calculated based on applying two milligrams for each square centimeter of skin, which means you'd have to apply WAY more than possible to get the right protection!
This is what wearing a TRUE sunscreen looks like. Yeah. Much better!
Also, there are studies showing that everyday use of SPF 15 sunscreen (in close-to-proper amounts) is more effective than using SPF 50+ only when you go to the beach! Most of your sun exposure (80%) happens daily, rather than when you go to amusement parts of the beach, so just using SPF15 daily would be better!!

Protect your skin, everyone!!!!!

great card! I use SPF 15 day cream before applying SPF 25/50 foundation/bb cream then apply compact powder with SPF 25. hope it will double the protection. 馃榿
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@atmi I'm sure it will!! I really wish they would have tried layering the makeups in this so we could see the layering results but I'm sure it works that way :)
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Very interesting! I always thought it's a selling point for products to have SPF included. Little did I know it doesn't make much difference because coverage is so bad. I did consider getting a foundation with SPF but I guess a good old sunscreen with SPF 15 might be better!
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pshhhh I'm just gonna use my 100spf before I walk out.
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@axosrain Probably safest :P
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