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Please Stop
This fandom war between Army's and Exo-L has too stop, it has gone too far. As an Exo-L I feel hurt because it was one of the first fandom I joined, and as for army's I'm ashamed to be one and I'm truly disappointed of the army's that did this.
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@CrystalBlunt thanks I was so confused.
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yo.... ummm. I'm not excusing anyone's behavior and not am I taking sides, but I have a theory. I believe that the ARMY fandom is a little on edge because if the B Free BS. I'm sorry if your a fan, but the way Bfree behaves toward BTS is inexcusable. and I think army doesn't want a repeat so they're jumpy. again I'm not taking sides. just thinking.
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@LaurenStrayhorn what's bfree? Was that that one guy that was being a douche a ways back?
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@SarahVanDorn yes and still is. he did it twice.
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@LaurenStrayhorn ok Yea I remeber him I forgot his name though lol
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