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This fandom war between Army's and Exo-L has too stop, it has gone too far. As an Exo-L I feel hurt because it was one of the first fandom I joined, and as for army's I'm ashamed to be one and I'm truly disappointed of the army's that did this.
Believe it or not, this won't stop. Despite that ARMY's and EXO-L's begin to get along, there will always be that one person who wants to see others clash. And what makes it worse is that there is stubborn people who like to be right and don't like to take in the wrong which makes situations worse. And what I've noticed is that people are fast to react to a situation without thinking or seeking more into the problem. They just assume which it was in this case and others. There will always be wars but even with peace, we won't be able to rest easily. This generation is getting worse and what sucks is that more bad people are getting in fandoms, creating disasters left and right. It's sad to see everything clashing down now when the K-Pop fandom used to be so calm (not too many fanwars as these past couple of years). *sighs* I want it all to stop but oh well...gotta get used to it, no?
I'm a major fan of both groups so I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel so hurt...Like both fandoms are my family, I wish for both to just get along and be happy...And stop this nonsense.
I heard that the "Army" who did it was actually an anti-fan...and I truly hope it was because that's going way too far for a Fandom war and I would be so frustrated if it was a real Army. It must be really tough for both fandoms right now...but I hope that, as the time goes by, the people in the fandom will mature. But then again, even some ELFs and VIPs are still a bit like that...but it dies down sooner or later. I guess all we can do is continue to try and make's heartbreaking to see people go this far :(
let me just say this, no matter what fandom it's about, if you do what these "army" did then you aren't a true fan and don't belong in any fandom. you belong in kindergarten where you can relearn something we adults call manners and respect.
wow ok I love both groups so much it's crazy exo has been around a long time bts not really too long exo and bts know each other why can't the fans get along I don't get it
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