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I'm a firm believer that the price of an item does not equal its quality. Seriously!! Every day I use makeup products that are super affordable, and ones that pained me to pay for (though I'm a bargain hunter, so I've gotten really lucky!) And I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

So, I thought it'd be fun to highlight that by pointing out our LEAST and MOST expensive makeup items!

My least expensive everyday item is....

My Wet'n Wild Fergie Eye primer!!! This retails for $5 but I only paid $2 for it!!
I actually have a few cheaper items (lip liners) that I don't use daily though, so I thought this one would be better to highlight.
What's great about this affordable item is that it makes my MOST EXPENSIVE item work better!!!! Which leads me to...

My most expensive item....

My TheBalm Meet Matte Nude palette!
It retails for $42 USD ((though I only paid $24 for it during a half off sale, lol!)
I love these mattes, but they're nothing without a great primer, which is what I think the Fergie Take on the Day primer is! So, thanks to my least expensive item, my most expensive one works well!

What are your most & least expensive items?

Great topic & AGREED on all you said! Isn't it great what when you find a great buy-whether inexpensive & well formulated or a coveted item that happens to be on sale! 馃槅 Man this is a super hard question for me, so many things, lol.
@hikaymm. yes,true. less chemicals and worth it to your skin and your pocket!. lol
most expensive - naked palette. least expensive jordana eye pencil. but I do think some price matters specially when it comes to foundation, bb cream and highlighters/blush. some has sparkle only on top of it Nd also don't last very long .
Least expensive - Burts Bee Lip Balm Most expensive - Estee Lauder lipstick
Most expensive- Urban Deacy Naked 3 palette almost 54$ and least expensive- NYX matte lipstick 6$
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