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WARNING: Mild Language
Loud voices assault your ears and something is making it difficult for you to raise your hand to cover them. You try to speak but your voice comes out only in a croak. You try to open your eyes but are met with a bright light that shoots pain into your head. What is all the commotion? Why are people arguing? Why do you feel like death?
You manage to get your hand up to your eyes and shield them as you pry them open once more. You look around at the white walls, look down seeing white sheets and tubes coming out of your arms. Hospital. You’re in the hospital. It all comes back in a rush; [HN] was in an accident and needed a kidney, you offered yours. But didn’t the two of you speak in the recovery room? Why is that so fuzzy and if you’re in the hospital, why are people being so noisy?
You try to speak but your throat is too dry. You do the next best thing and drop your hand onto the railing at the side of your bed. At your noise, the talking stops and suddenly you have people in your line of sight. Lee, [HN] mom’s, Eun… wait, what is Lee doing here? What on earth is going on?
Lee’s the first to your side; she has a watery smile as she grabs your hand.
“Hey, girlfriend! You gave us all a scare! Don’t do that to me again okay?”
Gi’s face is next; she leans down and kisses you on the cheek.
“Welcome back sweet girl. We were wondering when you’d wake up.”
Gi makes room for Eun’s wheelchair as she reaches over with her uncasted arm to grab your hand.
“Thank God. We’ve all been so worried. We’re the ones in the accident and you’re the one that tries to die on us. Don’t you EVER do that again! It’s a good thing [HN] was out of it or he would have killed you for dying on him.”
You look at her funny and point at the water. Lee reaches for it and gives you a drink while Gi pushes the nurse’s button to let them know you’re awake. You take a couple of grateful sips from Lee and try your voice again.
“What do you mean he was out of it? He was there with me, he spoke to me. He’s the reason I came back.”
The three of them look at each other, shake their heads and move out of the way for the hospital personnel that has entered the room.
“Well, it’s about time. We were beginning to think you were going to take up residence here.”
You’re assuming he’s a doctor, he has a white coat on and a stethoscope around his neck.
“How long have I been asleep?”
The doctor looks at his watch like it’s only been a few hours.
“Well, by my calculations; I’d say four weeks, three days, and 15 hours; give or take a few minutes.”
Your eyes grow wide and you try to sit up.
“What?!? I thought this surgery was routine? What the hell happened to me? Why would I be asleep that long? Did you keep me asleep?”
He pushes you back down on the bed and shakes his finger at you. "Raise your blood pressure and you'll cause another problem. As far as the surgery, well; it is routine, however, being a foreigner, you seem to have developed an allergic reaction to our anesthesia. Your body kept you asleep to get it completely out of your system, we are assuming. Let’s check you out and make sure everything woke up with you and is in working order.”
Eun and Gi excuse themselves to wait in the hall, but Lee refuses.
“I’ve seen it all before, I’m not leaving her side. Last time I did she tried to die on me!”
You reach for her hand and smile at her, never a better best friend in the world. While the doctor is poking around you start in on the questions.
“How long have you been here?”
“Four weeks, two days, and 15 hours. [HN]’s parents sent his plane down to fetch me. They really are the sweetest people. His mom’s been here every other day to check on you and sit with you.”
“Where is [HN]?”
“Shhh,” you’re reprimanded by the doctor as he tries to listen to your lungs and heart. You roll your eyes but take the required deep breaths.
“He was released to his parents care last week. He woke up a couple of days after the surgery. He’s been here via wheelchair every day the last several weeks. He even snuck out of his room once,” she giggles which gets her a dirty look from the doctor.
“It was not funny miss. He could have seriously hurt himself. All that work patching him back together, just to come hold some sleeping woman’s hand.”
The doctor shakes his head in disbelief and you look up at him in shock. He’s ignoring the murderous looks on you and Lee’s faces until you tug his stethoscope out of his ears.
“Hey! That some woman is now awake and if my man wants to come see, he damn well will. I would have done the same.”
He looks over at you and blinks, shaking his head as he comments, “Young, stupid love.”
You look back over to Lee, “Where is he?”
“Well, as I was saying,” she sticks her tongue out at the doctor when his back is turned. “They decided if he was well enough to sneak out of his room, he was well enough to go home. He was released to his parents house with strict instructions that they don’t want to see him again until time to remove his bandages and casts.”
“Oh. Okay. What was everyone arguing about when I woke up?”
“Arguing?” She looks up at the ceiling, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why would we be arguing?”
“Lee… Tell me.”
The doctor interrupts again, “Well, I think we will keep you overnight for observation and release you in the morning. Thanks to your month sabbatical, your stitches can come out before you leave and you’ve healed quite nicely. Do you have someone to take care of you? You will be mobile but you will be restricted for a couple of more weeks.”
“I’ll be taking care of her,” Lee quickly asserts and looks over at the door as Gi and Eun walk back in.
You look over and see a frown on Gi’s face. She shakes hands with the doctor,
“Thank you so much doctor. About what time tomorrow will she be released?”
She and Lee are having a stare down and you’re wondering what in the world is up between them. As soon as the doctor leaves the room Gi starts in.
“I don’t know why you’re being so stubborn about this. There is room for both of you; we are more than happy to have you both. I am under strict orders to present her upon immediate release from the hospital. Are you coming to my house and telling my son that you refused our offer and are keeping [YN] from him? He’s a little short tempered since they banned him from the hospital, he just might hit you with a crutch.”
She rolls her eyes and looks down at you.
“I’m not sure what spell you have my son under my dear, I’ve never seen him this way.”
You look away nervously, is that a good thing or a bad thing? She gently turns your head back towards her.
“Whatever it is, don’t ever break it. He’s never been so happy and I’ve never been so grateful."
wow 4 weeks! Woah, i need my man like yesterday. Lee just let me go see my man. We NEED each other! Glad you doing betterz. Always look forward to what you post! 😀😉
So many questions but i guess we'll have to wait for the answers.
@drummergirl691 ♥ thank you. Yeah, I have PTSD and am never sure when something will hit. Thanks to everyone for the patience with me and waiting for the story to continue! :)
Wow, that was a long sleep. At least I got to sleep through some of the hard parts of the recovery I guess. But now I gotta see my man!
indeed what is Lee's reasoning...? I'd really love to hear it. part of me is like heck yeah immediately out the hospital go to him.. but staying is iffy. I also kinda wanna see him throw a crutch or at least read that he was close to throwing it. does he remember our out of body conversation? Lee teaches right? is it summer break or did she leave the kids for a month?
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