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First, figure out your eyeshape!

Use this flow chart. And yes, you can be a combination of these things!
For example, I have almond eyes that are very deepset & slightly downturned!!

Then, choose your best looks!

This chart will teach you how to do them. It's so helpful! Since my eyes are almond and downturned, I can get 6 different looks out of here!!!

Did you find a look that suits you?

Great chart! I always wonder what's the eyes shading technique for hooded eyes. :D
I have almond eyes unless I do a crazy surprise face and I force my eyes to be round 馃槀馃槀馃槀 great card t
thank you for this chart
Great card. Thanks for the information. I literally went back to my photos and compare them with the chart and finally, figured out my almond eyes.
Oh wow! This is a great reference card, very helpful! Thank you for sharing with us!
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