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So I know this is very late but hey better late than never. lol But this is just a list of a few reasons why I love iKon so friggin much! And why everyone should.
Their crazy antics. They're just so carefree and funny whether they're together or alone. They always make me laugh one way or another. I love that they're not worried about their "image" because they know we'll love them anyway regardless of how foolish they make themselves look. It's part of their charm.
More of their crazy and funny moments because there's just so many. xD
Oh look even more! Bobby you gotta stop pouting! It's hazardous to my health.
Their crying moments, even though it breaks my heart to see them cry, because it shows that they're not afraid to show their emotions. T^T
Their cute and adorable moments when their together. This is what I live for and what brightens my days. I can always count on them to make me laugh. <3
Their sentimental/sincere moments. It just goes to show just how much they put others before themselves and thinks of the others before themselves. This is proof of just how close they are and how much they love one another. They're one of the closest grous I've ever seen. It goes to show how much of a family they are and how they care of one another. Warms my heart.
I could go on and on about how much I absolutely LOVE and adore these boys but that would take me my entire life and I would end up rambling on and on so I'll stop here. But I really do love these boys a lot. A lot more than I ever thought I would or expected but I'm so glad I became a fan of them back when Win started. It's always a great feeling to be with a group since the very beginning and to be able to watch them grow, experience the tough times with them and to be able to watch them grow and support them in every way possible. I'm so proud of these and I will always be here supporting them and protecting them forever. They really do deserve more love than the hate they're getting (which I honestly don't get how people can hate these boys)
@xoxorittie it's all good love 😂😙 And yeah with ikon you can never doubt how close they are because they are all constantly reminding us just how close they are. Even when bobby has been away filming they only talk about how they missed him and Bobby the same in the last tour update it was so adorable .
@Sammie99522 omg I swear I thought I did! I'm SO sorry! 😭 I also dos this at like 2:30am so I was half asleep. I'll add you! lol But dude same! Like you said I know a lot of groups that are close but none come close to groups like iKon, Winner and even Monsta X when it comes to how close the members are cause they've all gone through the same thing. But no other group can even come close to comparing with them. I agree! They are so sweet and such dorks I couldn't help to fall for them since day 1. One of the best things I've ever done.💖💖
@xoxorittie 😢 you didn't tag me in this just saw it. And you took the words right out of my mouth with this they are the only group that I've felt this way about and sure I've seen groups that are close, but none are as close as ikon. 💕💕 They are the sweetest bunch of dorks that I have been watching since day 1. 💗💗
@swarrier16 They are! They're so precious. I am too they really do deserve it. Go iKon fighting!! 💖💖
They are honestly the cutest and one of the most sincere groups out there. They've been through so much and I'm glad they finally got to debut...iKON Fighting 💕💕
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