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Its literally 1 something am n im so tired but i'm having extreme insomnia......sooooo here ya goo Finally free of school until july 25.....i have to go to summer school sadly
It all started with drunken sex, their relationship. Mark at the moment was sitting in the farthest corner of the Bangtan practice room. Yoongi had invited him because he “didn’t want mark to be alone back at the dorms wasting away in boredom”. Mark didn’t think so though, he thought it was because Yoongi wanted to see him but, Min Yoongi being himself wasn’t going to come right out and say that. When Namjoon finally called for a break Yoongi sat down beside Mark and intertwined his hand in his, the warm feeling amazing in contrast to the cold practice room. “I know it’s kind of boring just sitting here, but practice will be over soon.” ”its fine, I really don’t mind, I’ve had a practice before”. Yoongi smiles knowing that Mark is speaking the truth, he had hectic schedules before this too. “We can hang out after this though.” Mark nods his head in agreement, however even though Mark didn’t socialize with Yoongi before this, he knows that Yoongi spends most of his time composing songs with Namjoon and Hoseok and he doesn’t get much sleep either, so when he asks mark to hang out later Mark kind of feels guilty. However Mark doesn’t seem to have a say since his boyfriend drags him to the movies right after practice ends. Mark however ends up being ecstatic since it’s a movie he has been wanted to see for a while. Mark wasn’t really one fort the horror films but he had been seeing the previews for Krampus the past week and he really wanted to see the movie.
“Would you like popcorn, or pizza…or judging by your facial expression would you like both”. They weren’t even dating that long and Yoongi could already read him like a book or maybe it’s because he already liked me before this. “….Both.” ”I knew it.” “Shut up.” As we made our way to the screening room I could feel myself getting nervous not by the prospect of the horror film but this being my first outing with Yoongi, almost as if it was a date. However he didn’t seem too phased and he acted as if everything was completely normal. The previews showed some really good movies about to come out and of course showed BTS new song release ‘RUN’. I liked it though the concept behind it was areumdaun. The movie started and I heard Yoongi mumble about it being boring, but as soon as the real stuff started to happen he was gripping my hand with his needless to say sweat covered hand. I couldn’t be the one to talk however since I covered my eyes every time I thought something nightmare worthy might pop out of the screen.
The movie officially ended and Yoongi and I decide to take a stroll before heading back to the dorm. “I’m never going to trust another toy in my life after that, and Seokjin has his Mario collection too….I’m never going near his room.” Yoongi complained but Mark agreed with him after walking past a toy store. Yoongi grabbed Marks hand and laid his head on his arm as they continued to walk slowly down the street, the dorm coming into view slowly. “You knew I wanted to see that movie didn’t you.” Yoongi turned his head to look up at mark and it was the cutest thing Mark hand ever seen, other than his aegyo. “You kept ogling the screen every time that trailer came on it was hard not to notice.” Mark blushed knowing that it was true, it was really hard for him to hide stuff that he was interested in.
After they got back into the dorm Yoongi went to go wash after Mark had gotten out of the shower, and Mark was now laid out on his bed scrolling through Instagram. He saw kunpimook posting something about dance style and felt a pang in his chest, after all this drama going through between him JB and Jackson, he realized that he missed Bam Bam and Yugyeom. The three of them used to hang out and watch movie late at night too. Mark exited out of Instagram just as Yoongi came out of the bathroom. “Is it just me or am I the only one who is a little paranoid.” The thing that Mark also learned about Yoongi is that he can’t handle horror movies either. “I would lie and say it’s just you but it isn’t just you.” Mark laughed in amusement and Yoongi followed suit while getting dressed, sadly when took the towel off he had boxers on already which was really upsetting. “Don’t like what you see.” This could go either two ways and Mark knew it. “No I don’t.”
Sex has been a part of their daily routine and multiple times a day at that. Mark wasn’t complaining however. “Really…” Yoongi asked a he slipped his boxers off making him now completely nude in front of Mark. “Like the view now.” Mark grabbed Yoongi’s hand a pulled him into a hot smoldering kiss not breaking contact as he maneuvered Yoongi down onto the bed. Yoongi grabbed Marks ass as he their tongues dance around each other. The pressure Mark was now putting on Yoongi’s bare member while rotating his hips a bit made little noises of pleasure escape from Yoongi’s mouth. Yoongi grabbed one of Marks hands and led it down to one of his bare pecs and motioned for Mark to start teasing him, Mark caught on no less than one second later making Yoongi emit a loud moan. Mark hoped that the other bangtan members didn’t hear, since they didn’t exactly know about their relationship right now. They both agreed to tell them in a month or so not wanting things to feel so rushed. Yoongi took the lead after a while however, it’s what he always did, and Mark guessed that it was that his pace was too slow, even though Yoongi’s pace wasn’t any better especially as he positioned himself on Mark… it was torture, but the good kind of torture. Mark really loved the way Yoongi moaned his name the more he got lost is his on euphoria, and he always had a way of making Mark get lost as well.
The both ended up spent and glad that they didn’t make too much noise that would bring attention to them. Yoongi rested his head on Marks chest and sighed contently “I really do like you Mark.” He knew that Yoongi did, he treated him differently than how he would treat Jimin and that’s saying a lot. “I’m starting to like you too.” Mark knew the words would hurt him but he also knew that the understood that he was still getting over Jackson and that it would take some time. “I know…Good Night Mark.” “Yoongi?” “Yes?” “Is it okay if we just stay in tomorrow there is something I want to talk to you about.” Yoongi shift a bit over so he is laying on the pillow beside Mark head. “ Okay, Now go to sleep, I’m super tired.” Mark agreed and closed his eyes letting sleep take over him but as he drifted off another pang of guilt an pain hit him.
One because he knew Yoongi was tired to begin with movie and sex was pushing it and Two he really missed Yugyeom and Bam Bam.