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I've been working on this fanfic on wattpad for quite some time now... ( ) I feel like i have been running out of ideas, so i wanted to post at least the first chapter of this story (if y'all like it i will add more) to maybe get my ideas flowing again. :D

There are probably tons of grammatical errors... to which i have to say... my bad! Lol I have never been good with grammer... so sorry... anyways hope you like the first chapter. :)

It always rains on this day, my birthday. Since I could remember it has always rained, and no, not sprinkle or just a light mist. It has always down poured, and today is no different. Same weather, same life, same me… just a different age. I am the same old Choi Areum as I have always been, I'm just 18 now…. And my life is about to get flipped upside down.

Chapter One

I get out of bed, go to my bathroom and start getting ready for school. After I get my school uniform on I pull my hair back into a tight ponytail and then brush my teeth. It's just another day in these empty walls I call home. As usual my parents have left by the time I come downstairs to eat something, with nothing but a simple note and some money on the counter for me. "Have a super day Areum! Love, Mom" is written on the note with some allowance for lunch. As I make it into the kitchen I pull out a bowl and my favorite cereal for breakfast. "Great, no milk again…" I mumble to myself while closing the refrigerator door. Putting my bowl and cereal back in disappointment I look at the time, 15 minutes until 8am, it's later than I thought it was. So I decide to grab my backpack and umbrella, put on my shoes and head out the door. Twenty minutes later I arrive at school. My shoes are soaking wet, my hair in my ponytail is starting to frizz, and now I can’t remember if I put my homework back in my bag or not. Just my luck. As I walk inside I pull my backpack in front of me to look for the missing homework, praying that I find it before I walk into my classroom. All of a sudden I come to a hard stop as I run into something, or should I say someone. I look up to find cold, harsh eyes looking into mine, the same eyes I have been trying to avoid for 4 years now. Im Jaebum, or as his friends call him JB, is standing right in front of me. I start to shiver in fear, in no way did I ever want to come toe to toe with this schools biggest bully. And now here I am, not just standing toe to toe with him, but I am literally standing on his toes. I immediately jump off Jaebum's toes and begin to apologize. "I'm s-so sor…" Before I could even finish what I was saying, JB had lightly pushed me out of his way and made it halfway down the hall. "That was a close one." I think to myself as I let out a soft sigh. I continue down the hallway stopping at my locker before heading to class. Things must be turning around for me, I was able to find my homework and I had avoided a nasty confrontation with a bully. I grab my things and head to class where my best friend Nam Minseo is waiting for me. When I arrive she greets me with a big hug. We say our hellos and find our seats waiting for class to start. "Areum, have you heard?" Minseo asks me. "About what?" "One of the teachers from our grade got in an accident, and now his class will be combined with ours until he is able to come back." she says. "Do you know who the teacher is?" I question her. "Sadly no, I just hope it's not Mr. Kim. I'd rather not have his class in here with us. Could you imagine? Jaebum would be in here with us!" she says in disgust. I look down at my desk and imagine… Jaebum in class with us. If Hell was real, I'm sure it would be close to that. I doubt anything good would come from having JB in this honor class. I wouldn't call us nerds, but we, my class and I, are some of the smartest and brightest in the school. Having JB be in here would be like having a wolf lose in a sheep pin. He would always have someone to pick on. And seeing how is two best friends, Mark Tuan and Jackson Wang, are in his class with him, I'm sure they would show no mercy to the person they would choose to pick on. "Good morning class." Mrs. Lee says as she makes her way into the classroom. "I have some news to share with you all. As I am sure all of you have heard, one of our dear teachers was in an accident over the weekend and will not be able to come back until he is fully healed. Until then his class will be combined with ours since there is plenty of room." She walks over to the door and let's the students in from the other teachers class. Before Mrs. Lee even has a chance to tell us what teacher's class will be joining us, I know who the teacher is instantly, Mr. Kim. Right before my eyes, in the mist of all his other classmates, is the devil himself, Im Jaebum. So much for my day turning around, for those cold harsh eyes that were peering into mine earlier had found there way back, and were staring right into my eyes once again. That's when I heard a little voice go off in the back of my head. "Welcome to Hell."

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tag me please. I really liked the story, I just read all the chapters you have on wattpad. I want to know what happens next.
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Liking this already... Hell with JB should be really interesting! lol😆 Tag me please!😊
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