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WARNING: Mild Language/ Mature Situations
You look down at the table with a shy smile.
“If it’s too personal, I understand. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked.”
She turns to get up and leave but you put a hand out to stop her.
“Wait. It is really personal but I wish I’d had someone to ask before. Apparently my mom knew, but didn’t ever say anything to me. Sit back down,..please.”
She looks over at you, still worried but you put your hand out to cover hers.
“We’re sisters now, we should be able to share anything.”
She gives you one of her rare full smiles, the ones that turn her from beautiful to stunning.
You take a deep breath and begin.
“Well, I guess I should start at the beginning. I knew Ravi first. I took some classes with him and at the end of the semester he wanted to keep in touch, so he brought me home to meet his ‘brothers’. I’m from America; I didn’t even know what KPOP was or that it existed. I thought ‘brothers’ meant his real family; don’t get me wrong, I think these guys are more family then most families are.”
She nods her head in agreement but doesn’t say anything so that you can continue.
“When we walked in the door, I saw someone on the other side of a bedroom door watching us. I could feel them, it was really strange but I just shrugged it off. Then when it was time to eat, he showed up behind me. I felt that he was there, you know? Not creepily but just like super aware of him. That creeped me out, not him. That night I dreamed of him. He didn't speak, just smiled at me, kissed me, and then led me off to this beautiful bed. I didn't ask, I didn't even question it. It just felt …right… you know? I wasn’t scared, I actually wanted it. When I woke up that worried me. I’d just had a sexy dream about a guy I’d just met. Could I look him in the face? How weird was that going to be when I saw him again?”
You take a breath and take a drink. She’s kind of looking off, like she’s thinking about what you’ve just said.
“I kind of spilled to Ravi.”
Her head comes whipping back in your direction, eyes wide and you laugh.
“Yeah, that wasn’t awkward at all. Hey, I’m having sex dreams about your best friend, what does that mean? Well, I didn’t put it that way; but he thought I just had a crush on Leo until I told him it was an intimate dream and that I wouldn’t tell him about it. He started acting really weird around me after that. I didn't understand why and was confused. But Leo stepped forward and he was just; everything and the most natural thing in the world. When I’m with him I’m complete.”
You smile at little at the table then look back up at her,
“I guess it’s supposed to be that way; you know, two souls becoming one.”
You suddenly remember something she mentioned earlier.
“Wait. You said your people have a history about it also? Will you share it with me?”
Her eyes light up at the thought of being able to give something back. She nods and begins her own tale.
“When God created man, he saw that it was not good for him to be alone. He put man to sleep and divided his spirit in two. With the other half he created woman. Man and woman lived together in harmony for a long time until one day the woman broke one of God’s rules. God was furious because he loved both of his creations but could not let the sin go unpunished. It ruined his plans for the man and woman and their posterity. He had to separate the man and woman; leading them off in different directions. While there were other men and women on the Earth, none other are an exact match, like those very first two. They are special and incomplete without the other. Their punishment is to roam the Earth in search of their other half, never resting until they are found.”
Well, it isn’t like what N learned, but you guess that different cultures have different legends. The story still fits with the overall prophecy, now you are curious to find out what the legends are from other countries. As the two of you sit and share another couple of companionable minutes together, Leo and N wander into the room.
Leo wanders over, wraps his arms around you and kisses you on the top of the head. You look up and smile at him, receiving a kiss on the lips in return. You glance over at N and Narumi who are shyly staring at each other. You feel for them, you aren’t sure what it would have been like if you and Leo had continued on as mere acquaintances before bonding spiritually. Leo holds his hand out to you and you let him pull you up and guide you out of the room.
“Don’t you have rehearsals or something today?”
He’s not answering you, just leading you off to your bedroom. You glance around the apartment curiously. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around.
“Where is everyone?”
He leads you inside your bedroom, leans back against the door and locks it. You raise an eyebrow and back away from him.
“Are you mute suddenly or are we practicing telekinesis? I have to tell you, I’m not doing so well if that’s what this is.”
He raises an eyebrow, a small smile forming on his face and he heads in your direction.
“Well, when you put it that WAY. I guess I do know what you’re thinking.”
He smirks as he reaches you and starts nibbling on your neck. You tilt your head but continue with your verbal assault.
“You still didn’t answer my question… Come on, I guessed what you were thinking.”
You’re rewarded with a small chuckle as he looks into your eyes.
“Like that was a hardship?”
You smile seductively back, “Well...not really. It seems to be all that’s on your mind most days.”
He moves your hair out of the way as he pulls the sleeve of your shirt off your shoulder. “Do you blame me? When I have such a delicious mate that I can’t seem to get out of my head?”
You respond with a moan as he begins kissing up your collar bone, to your neck and over to your lips. Before he can full on kiss you, you try one more time.
“Schedule. Don’t you have a schedule?”
He sighs as he pulls only slightly away.
“N decided we all have the day off. No confusion as to why,” he chuckles.
“The guys even figured it out and all took off like scared little rabbits. I decided his idea was a great idea,” he looks up into your eyes, “and here we are.”
You lean over and nibble on the side of his mouth.
“I'll have to agree, his idea is a fabulous idea. Hopefully, Narumi will think so too.”
He goes back to what he was doing before.
“At the moment, I don’t care about N and Narumi. I have what I want in front of me. Now, are we done with the twenty questions?”
As his hands fist in your hair you agree, “We are SO done with twenty questions”.
OMG N and Narumi... go my children, go am bond😉😂
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Wow thank you much. I have already caught up to this chapter. This is great, now I get to have a sister and N will no longer have to wait for his soul mate. Ugh can't wait til the next one
Loving the legends being real aspect of this. It's gonna be nice to have a sister in the house, especially now we can talk. Having a day without schedules is also nice...