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Now I love my K-HipHop but I'll take an acoustic bluesy tune with some solid vocals any day. And this song is just what my ears live to hear. I had a TIME trying to pull up some deets on this man because Vincent is a fairly new artist. This is actually his second single...his first single titled, Whatever, has a jazzy slow jam type feel and you bet I was all over that that when it was released in January....but other than that I had no info on him. After some digging I found out he's actually former Superstar K 3 contestant, Min Hoon Ki. He made it to the Top 11....that was back in 2011. He's 28 now and currently under FM Entertainment.

I seriously dig this guy.

His voice just caresses my ears in such a way..... His falsetto is just Mmmmm (っ˘ڡ˘ς)
I find him quite easy on the eyes too....js. I blame the guitar.... And the tattoos....
His whole aesthetic really.....
But enough about my thirst.....

I'm absolutely obsessed with this song anyway. Then he goes and releases this live version....

Let me be the first to tell you....


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Ah I love Vincent! I've known about him for a while now! <3 <3 Wish more people knew about him :)