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A man detonated a small bomb in Beijing's airport, injuring only himself. Whats interesting about this story is that he was shouting about having an explosive but was completely ignored by everyone else in the airport. It was only when he pulled the bomb out that anyone paid attention to the attacker. This is completely different from US Airports. Even speaking about any kind of threat to the public safety will result in TSA questioning. Anyone claiming to have a bomb would draw immediate attention.
Definitely, I always feel like our paranoia in airports is excessive though. I'd rather have everyone be silent in the movies than worry about every word in the security line!
This is disturbing. But China is different. You can go to a play or movie, and everyone is just on their phone and talking during the performance and no one cares... they don't give someone else their attention easily.
Yeah sounds scary haha
@relinashinee what does that mean exactly?
wow... One day they'll see what happens to ignorance.