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Namjoon pulled out a pair of keys and unlocked the huge doors. I waited quietly while taking in the big house in front of me. "Are you coming in? Or are you just going to stand outside looking awed?" Namjoon laughed. "H-hey! It's just a huge house... I've never seen a house this big..." I mumbled. "Well whatever makes you happy. Welcome to my humble abode. Do you want something other drink? Juice or something?" Namjoon asked. "Um, water is fine. Thanks." I trailed off. I wondered in his house looking at every fine detail there was. Everything was polished, it shined like it was bought yesterday. The house was dark, but there wasn't a cold feeling about it. Everything seemed warm and familiar. "Hey, are you day dreaming about something over here? You're staring at nothing." Namjoon tapped my sholder. "Hrm? Oh I just, I'm looking around that's all." I said. Namjoon smiled and sat on his couch and closed his eyes. I joined him, but sat on the opposite side of the couch watching his chest rise up and down. "Man what I wouldn't give to be held in those arms.." I thought. I inhaled roughly while taking in a sip of water, and causing myself to choke. "What the hell?! Why am I thinking of stuff like that?! Why is my brain being so stupid?!" I yelled out. Guessing my sudden outburst kind of scared Namjoon, considering he was looking at me like I was crazy. "...d-did I say that out loud..?" I asked. "Well unless I can read your thoughts now.. yes.. you kind of did..." Namjoon chucked. "Ah, sorry about that... I tend to think out loud sometimes. It's a habit you get when you live alone." I mumbled. "It's okay, but what made you yell that?" He asked. "The fact that I'm blushing like crazy right now, or the fact that I just flirted with you in my head?" I thought, "Then again, their was that lady that did think were were a couple. But hey, who said that's a bad idea- oh what the hell am I saying?! I'm not going to date him!!!" I stood up abrubuptly and akawardly smiled at Namjoon, "U-Um, hey, N-Namjoon...? Where's your bathroom?" I asked, my obvious studering. "Its down that hall over there, but are you okay? Are you running a fever? Hold on, let me check you temperature." He said standing up pressing his hand against my forehead, also bringing his face closer to mine. My face was heating up way too fast, by this point I was pretty sure that my face was a tomato now, and my heart began to pound out of my chest. "He's just so close that I could..." Then, a loud echo ran through the empty hallway. He looked me straight in the eyes.. dead straight in the eyes. "Uh... Hyeon... why did you just slap yourself...?" I inhaled slowly and closed my eyes, "Just... can you... show me the bathroom..? I uh... need to clean myself off a bit..." "Y-yeah, sure. Just follow me." He said leaving his can of soda on a glass table. I inhaled slowly as I followed him down the corridor. Ugh... my head is throbbing and I feel light-headed; maybe I am running a fever... "Here, just call me if you need anything. If you'd like, you can take a shower, there's towels in there and soap in those drawers. If you need clothes, just hollar and I'll get you some... pretty sure you wear the same size as my mom." He informed. "Yeah... okay. Thank you.. for y'know... dealing with my stupidity and stuff..." I blushed. He slightly laughed, "No problem." "Oh, and one more thing-" "Hmm...?" What's your birthday?" "September 12, 1994; why do you ask?" He's older than me... by three months?! "Oh no reason! Just curious! Okay!! I'll be done soon!" I laughed akwardly. I slowly closed the door as I slid against it and hugged my knees. He's a hyung... and I thought he was younger than me... ugh, I can be so stupid sometimes, I guess I'll apologize to him when I'm done with... whatever I'm going to do I here. *Namjoon P.O.V* She's been acting extremely weird ever since I went to buy her cotton candy...did they put something in it? No, probably not. There was that woman that did talk to her though... Flash back "D-do you like anyone at school...?" "...huh?" "Never mind it was a stupid question." "Um... well I've only been at school for a week... so, I don't think I like anybody." Then she smiled, "I was just curious, that's all. Thanks for answering my stupid questions." My face turned slightly pink as I looked at the bathroom door. Did she ask me that because she likes me? Or because that woman wanted to know? I paced around as thoughts ran through my head. She can't possibly like me! She's too tough and smart, pretty, nice, and she as I wonderful scent of roses everywhere she goes... Just then, I heard the shower turn on, I guess she did decide to take a shower. Hyeon  P.O.V I slowly turned on the shower as I began to unlace my shoes. I could change out of my school uniform.. it is pretty dirty; I haven't had the time to go to the cleaners... and my dad broke the shower last week anyways.. so this will be nice and relaxing. "Maybe I should get a job... The savings jar is running out of money- er, will be running out pretty soon." I told myself. "And maybe some more concealer to cover the scar on my face.." I ran my finger against the long cut against my cheek. I remember getting this scar, it was the first time that I had pushed my dad off of me and ran away. That day I felt so free... even if I did have hot tears running across my face, burning themselves into my newly made cut, that was the day that I'll never forget, no matter what. I jumped into the shower, feeling the warm water trickle against my skin. Who knew that showers could feel so relaxing. (TIME SKIP CUZ I WRITE WEIRD THINGS AND THEY DIDNT SOUND RIGHT. IM A PURE CHILD I SWEAR) I wrapped the towel around my chest and walk to the door, cracking it open to call Namjoon, the noticing the dress that was nicely folded that had a note attached to it: "Heard the shower running, thought I'd prep in advanced. Meet me in my room, go to the main hall again and go up the stairs the room that's the farthest is mine. See you soon! ^_^" Does he really expect me to wear a dress? I don't think so, I'm going to raid his closet for something to wear.. I quickly put the dress on, but neatly, this wasn't mine, and god knows how expensive this dress is... The dress was pretty, I have to admit, but I just don't do dresses, you can't kick ass in them very well, its hard... I've tried. I gathered my dirty uniform and wrapped the towel around my head, then walked out the bathroom door. "Did you really give me a dress?" I leaned against his door as he looked up from his book. "Well yeah, you need to bring out your girly side a little more, plus you look cute." He smiled. My face turned a slight pink, as I walked over to his closet. "What are you doing?" "Getting clothes." "But, you already have some on!" "Um, okay... I'm getting into more comfortable clothes." I said as I unzipped the back of the dress. "Wha- are you getting undressed in here!?" "Well, yeah... I don't see I problem with it." I shrugged. He hurriedly jumped off his bed, tripping in the process, and ran out of his room. I laughed as I continued to take off the dress and rummaged through his closet. I pulled out a black and red stripped shirt, a leather jacket, black pants, and kept my black converse on. I opened the door as I saw Namjoon blushing, while facing me. "What's with your face? You can come back in now." I laughed. He akwardly laughed it off as he came back into his room and sat at his desk. "I gotta say, you really have a nice sense of style with your clothes. They are really nice, and uh... don't worry about your clothes, once I have enough money to go to the dry cleaning, I'll give them back to you." He nodded as he picked up his book and continued to read it. I looked around his room as he flipped silently through his book. "So... what do I do now?" I asked. "Whatever you feel like doing, I'm not stopping you or anything." He said. I nodded as his words as he continued to read. I looked at the many books he had on his book shelf; some with off titles, some with intresting titles. Oh what the hell, it wouldn't hurt. I said as I picked a book. Time flew by, fast enough for the sun to retire... and fast enough for me to pass out, on what seemed to be the most comfortable bed in ages...

I had to rewrite this about 3 times because 1. I don't know how to save, 2. My phone loves restarting! I cried, I will admit that. That is how sad my life is right now. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I think it was okay! And again, if you have no idea why or how you are being tagged, I'm still trying to get organized... aplogies!!!

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