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Okay every one.. I finally finish typing all this ..I actually sat down watch the video and copied every line just because I actually wanted to understand everything Jackson said.. since the subtitles were on top of Korean,Chinese and even Japanese I think it was hard to see and too fast to read completely. so the first time I read it when @MaricelvaRomero posted it, I missed lots of things. also since it was translate into English sometimes, they use worlds that we don't really use much and the sentence structure some time made no sense. so I kind of fix that to understand the meaning of his words what he wanted to say. but I did not change anything. ******************************* I am Jackson Wang, I am a member of a pop South Korea men group, I am 22. I debuted 2 years ago I am from Hong Kong China. It is beautiful and noisy there. I used to be a fencer,I was looking forward to taking part in the Olympics one day. That was my dream, but who said that dreams could only be one? There was an occasional chance that I passed the audition of a popular South Korean entertainment company. I started a journey of chasing another dream. I came to this totally strange city Seoul when I just came here every time I went out what I faced was strange streets and roads and strange people, confused with the language and the inadaptation of the food. I started missing the days before, and my friends. Until... I met him. From then on... Formerly, the road I walked alone every day towards the practicing room turned to be one for two to walk, going for and off class wasn't boring anymore, because of him. Just like that. After the countless practices and day after day, we debuted. We both undertaked RAP and Martial Arts Tricking in our group. Martial Arts Tricking is dangerous skill I have always done it, once I got hurt and then took me a long time to recover myself. And so does he. He always gets hurt I know but, he never talks. I treasure him,.. but all I can do is just give him a shoulder. Since I met him, I am like a spoil kid, because he always could find what I want as soon as possible, and does his best to satisfy me. I remember that we were in a live show after we debuted, there was a delicious cake on the table, I wanted to taste it, but I didn't say it aloud, because we were in a live show. everyone was concentrating on LIVE show. But that moment suddenly he looked at me, only after a second of eyes contact and the next second he passed the cake to me. I felt satisfied eating the cake. and I didn't know how to express how warm I felt. And the we debuted in Japan. That day we felt excited and moved, when we were celebrating.... He lost control and burst crying into tears. I found him as soon as possible. I walked near him instinctively, squatting down next to him fondling his head, the noise on stage and the applause under the stage, those moments were been like stopped. All I wanted to do was just be next to him. speaking of which, I just remember, when we were in Japan after our debut all members celebrated my birthday. Everyone had written a letter for me but my instinct told me that I wanted to listen to his letter first. I didn't know why, may be it happened when I didn't care about it. I had developed a habit...kind of when a multiple choice questions which has my answer is always "him" He definitely hid it from me and wrack his brain to complete it, because he is really poor at talking so that day, I heard the voice of his heart. I felt so happy that I didn't know how to express it. Although, I always complaint that he doesn't like talking, but I don't think that is a complain, "I just want to walk into the forest of your heart". Afterwards, the firm settled on my talent on artistic skills arranging with a popular program of a TV show (Roommates). I temporarily moved out of our dorms. Oh... I forgot to say that 'We" are roommates since before we debuted we both share a room, its not that big but warm... a period of time after then on, we could only meet sometimes, actually, we could only meet each other when we were on group activities. One day I just finish that program shooting I rushed to get to another place, to cover with our members shooting our group's program. To tell the truth my condition was not good, I was hungry and tired. I couldn't cheer my self up. Every time he was the first one to find me and give me strength. Even if it is an eye-contact or a shoulder, just like that. We finish our first year after debuting in different kinds of stages for the end of the year , and awards. and then, just going beyond the second year without any stop, we started our schedules in the new year. The first month of the year we held our show case in Taipei, Hong Kong, and Shanghai respectively, we all worked hard to prepare for the show case from a long time ago, Particularly for our double unit stage, from choosing songs to revising, because this was the first stage belonging to "us" only me and him. double unit stage. We finally chose Jay Chou's "Silence" it is the song that we both like. That day we were in Taipei, I devotedly sang every piece of lyric ....He echoed with me slightly. When the song was completed... suddenly.. I was like been possessed by magic..saying out those words..."I LOVE YOU".. I was thankful that the lights were dark or I would have been so embarrassed. suddenly my brain emerged pictures of when we came to Taipei, when we were trainees. We both together, ate a lot of delicious food, we went to the famous street in Taipei... oh right? we visited the famous 101. That moment ( here I can only imagine what moment he is talking about because I think it was edit it) I thought this must be the craziest thing in my life but I didn't regret because that day I saw a pair of eyes that were more beautiful than the fireworks. That year we came back three times, from summer, to fall, and winter. It was still the performing stage day by day. There was one who asked me that.. "The moment that you fall down are you scared?" I said If he is behind me, I will never be scared. This year we won the first #1 prize after our debut. Although, it was not from the top three Korea TV , but to us it was as the same as precious. That day the members were expressing their acceptance speech. I held the trophy in my hands feeling it so heavy, finally I took the microphone, I noticed that he was hidden behind, I understood him completely. He was not unmoved, but he couldn't express himself well so when we were encoring suddenly I wanted to hug him, and actually I did. Every Christmas has been in the performing stages. I can't remember how long has been since He and I have celebrated Christmas together. May be since we debuted? or may be since the day we prepared for debut? Every end of the year is the busiest period of the year and this year was no exception. In addition to the stages of end of the year at the first year this year we had abroad schedule too. What excited me was this schedule destinations one was Hong Kong right?..My hometown, this awards had been my dream for a long time, but was a pity that we didn't win any award this time, but I felt happy that I could have performed here moreover... he was beside me. Time never stops its food steps, the new year had been over, our tour in Japan started and at the same my physical condition was slowing down straightly. The exhaustion and bad cold finally made me exhausted. I really wanted to sleep when I had no schedules. He always found different reasons to keep staying in dorms, I know he really cares for me, he always stared each and every of my moves. I teased him by saying I didn't have cancer why you are so exaggerated?
His eyesight was still staying on me. One day after we just practice over a dance for a new song, I felt so hot and thirsty, there was only one thought in my mind, that I wanted ice cream. Even though I knew I had a cold, I still appealed this request, but as soon as he heard he stopped me, Of course I knew that it was because he cares about me, but still I wanted to eat one, even if only one piece of taste so I broke the rule and stacked the deck.. and finally he compromised Just like that.. During the busy schedule, we came back again. What was unchanged was still the performance stages, day by day, and what was also unchanged was his eyesight looking at me.. What was worthy celebrating was this comeback, we gain very good achievements thanks to our fans that we continually won the first prize of the Top 3 Korean TV. I was was so lucky that I got the trophy during when I was working as a host of a music program my self. Our expenditures finally was appreciated by the public. The day we won the "first prize" and we were issued the prize, I was Instinctively looking at him and he was looking at me too, that moment I felt that people around didn't exist. The tears, the applause and the flowers all deep in dark in his eyes, I cried and he cried too, What was in his eyes was still the fireworks blossomed of that day ( those fireworks and that moment I still figuring out hahaha). I was watching him walking towards me step by step like I was walking towards him. That day he hug me tightly, he patted on my waist and back gently whispering in my ears " We did it" As the activities of the Album was finished, we successfully held our first tour in Seoul and it also started our world tour. I was with our member BamBam shooting in the Army together. And then I met with him and the other members, moving towards Shanghai to hold the second concert. That day the show was going smoothly, may be because the passion of the fans infected me, may be may be because my mother was sitting sitting under the stage may be it was because that day, we finally stood on stage shoulder by shoulder making our dreams come true, my tears couldn't stop, they spilled from my eyes...suddenly he walked to my side holding me tightly and aid to my mom under the stage.." Mom don't worry we're here" That moment I thought that I was the happiest person in this world... I've been looking for an answer, that what was supporting me to reach now. That day when He use he splendid eyes like the fireworks looking at me I though I found out the answer... it's just like the words from a movie. Some of us get dipped in flat.. Some in satin.. Some in gloss.. But every once in a while you find someone who's iridescents and when you do nothing will ever compare. We all live in such a big world and I am so lucky to have met him. Its just like we sang that day, we couldn't get happier. To be with you it's fine to do anything. Although the world always changes as long as we use our true heart our love will be simple. You always would like to go where ever I want to go, and do what I want to do. Actually, I have been dreaming of one day I could be with you going to where ever you want to go, holding your hand and wandering with freedom.

Because we only live once..

Jackson's View of Mark Published May,31 2016 Episode 2 of the Flipped series feel free to comment....I am actually very touched after I finish and read it myself..this is not a's the real thing ..if some one had some doubt of Markson been the Ultimate Ship.. here are Jackson's words itself.. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ IGOT7 TEAM @luna1171 @PrettieeEmm @VeronicaArtino @MaricelvaRomero @AaliyahNewbell @UnnieCakesAli @ManduBum ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ @LenaBlackRose @AimeeH @sarangseoltang  @XionHeart @SharayahTodd @KpopQuixxMarie @GDsGF @GenesisZiporrah @Gianlica @KpopGaby @kpopdeluxegirl @kpopisnylife  @punkpandabear @kpop14young   @GUMMYB34RZz  @staceyholley  @EmilySavage @EmilyGardner @HuonTreeRoo  @ElizabethT  @Exoexo @DestinyMcCauley  @VKookie47  @TracyLynnn @wiviDemol @DeeNice @maddiedo @marisamusic @H8rt4u @hmelodie @sarahpjane @SusiBosshammer @MelaninMonroe @KatieRussell @xroyalreisx @xsandos17 @VeronicaArtino @otakukpopgirl @AnnieGoodman @adikiller @ArianaVenti @amandamuska @AlloBaber @jcl4rkson @AimeeH @AmbieB @awesaawQqwq2qq @RebeccaLondon @wondergirl   @themrshongki  @namjoonswife @ninjamidori @NEOisRealo @nnatalieg @Nerukawong @NalaniCerteza @VictoriaBossier @Vlargo @VixenViVi @Jiyongixoxo @JamiMilsap @JennieThor @YessicaCardenas @Ivethcrisoforo @RogueLeigh @lilbr0wneyes @AlysaNguyen @ @IGot7Forever @SHINee808 @TerraToyaSi @AyamenTenchu @twistedPuppy @Maddie27 @AlexisRiver @TashiannaBostic @jazgaara33 @CrystalGuerra @KaiJae @orchiofriend549 @yeniyx23 @MichelleMonroe @aegyoxprinMOcess @SugaMint @Helixx @kpopandkimchi  @DamarisCisneros  @KpopandKdrama @PrincessUnicorn @hyunsaeng638 @ILikeHisFace123 @bubblekookie @SaraHanna @CallMeMsDragon @marryjayne13 @MelissaGarza @JaiiPanda @Izab3lla @tazneemhinnawi @KoreanDramaMaMa @MomoChamie @SilentPianist @SydneyLstrange @ChandraTorres @DesireeChucklez @funnelcakeboo @AJ2002 @Chocolat09 @reyestiny93 @LinnyOk @IsoldaPazo @MandyNoona @MelissaGarza @AbbyRoscoe @Kyokeo @kpowell @angelicpsyche  @DominiqueWhitak @SimplyAwkward @mycreativename @ @CLAKPOP @sherrysahar  @Anjreyev    
This really just has me crying my eyes out at 1:36am. I'm so happy they found one another and that they have each other
@kimnam94 markson is definitely real no doubt
Im actually crying cause of how touching that is
And this is what I live for 😭😭😭
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