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well, Your votes have been counted, and it looks like we have a Winner! Thank you all for Voting, and I hope you all enjoy this special card I made for you.
This is actually a Very Special occasion. Xiumin is the Very First Exo Member to get a K-star Saturday card. Congrats, Xiumin!

Facts about Xiumin:

Real name: Kim Min-seok
Chinese Name: Jin Min Shuo
Nicknames: Mini, Lil' Fattie, Little Fattie, Fairytale Xiumin, Bao Zi (Little Bun)
Blood Type: B
Height: 173cm
weight 53kg
Skills: Taekwondo, Kendo
Super Power (Badge): Frost/Ice/Frozen Water
Personality: Kind, Very, Very Clean and Tidy, cute, Prankster, funny.
Ideal Type: Hug-able and can give Comfort to others.

Fun Facts about Xiumin:

-According to Chen, he is very clean and Tidy, almost to the point of OCD. chen calls him the "King of Detail" because he has a Very specific way of Sorting things.
-He is the Oldest Member in Exo.
- In 2008, He Won 2nd Place in SM Entertainment's Everysing Contest.
-The song he sang at the Everysing Contest was "Emerald Castle-Step."
-He Knows Taekwondo and Fencing.
-He says the his Special Talent is Shouting.
-His Favorite song on Exo's first EP "Mama" was Mama.
-Exo-M says that he is both the Strongest and the Funniest member in the group.
-Why is he the strongest? The members had a contest where they wrung a wet towel.
when it came to his turn, he was the one who got the most water from the towel out.
-In the future, He wants to be and Architect.
-He likes to Play pranks on the Other Members.
-Luhan says that he makes a lot of Silly Gestures.
-His idea of a Romantic Gesture is Personally Making Coffee for the Girl he Likes.
-He says that he wouldn't be bold enough to Actively Pursue a Girl, But he would leave subtle hints that he likes her.
-He is the First Member to wake up each morning.
-Right after he wakes up, he Tidies his bed.
-He says the Most difficult thing for him to do is Diet.
-He really likes to eat steamed Buns.
-Luhan was the One who gave him the Nickname "Baozi"
-"Baozi" is his Nickname not only because he likes steamed Buns, but because he hasa Round, White Face
-Kris says that Xiumin's Strength is being approachable and Understanding. Kris says the Xiumin is very helpful in taking care of the Korean Members.
-He takes a Bath everyday.
-He loves Pumpkins
-He wants to be Cute and Charismatic.
-He's apparently Really good at Making Spaghetti.
-He's a Fan of Soccer. He and Luhan would both like to Visit UK to watch a Soccer Game.
-Because SM Wanted Xiumin to learn Mandarin Better, He wasn't allowed to room up with Exo-M's other Korean Member, Chen.
-He rooms up with Tao in China. In Korea, He rooms up with Kris and Luhan.
-when Tao first met Xiumin, He called him "Oppa". Xiumin thought he was a Girl. it was Later understood that Tao learned his Korean from watching Dramas and since his grasp of the language wasn't good yet, He used the Wrong Pronoun.
-He has a Lot of Fanboys in China. Because they think he's Cute, Handsome, and Manly.
-He Likes all types of Dances.
-He was mentioned in f(X)'s Pinocchio's "Thanks to" by Amber.
-He doesn't Like it when people touch his face.
- He went to the same high school as INFINITE's Dongwoo.
-He made his Official Debut as an EXO member on January 26th 2011.
- He said that when he and Tao shared a room, he couldn't help but stare at Tao's Butt.
was Envious of it.
-His Mother told him not to stand next to Kris or Tao because it made him look Shorter
-Behind Xiumin's Cute and Innocent Exterior, he is actually Very Academically Smart.
-Even with Exo's Crazy Schedule, Xiumin still finds Time to attend all of his University classes Punctually.
-In his Free time, Xiumin takes courses in Barista-ing. he Loves Coffee.
-Xiumin Received his Title "King of Details" from Chen because Chen says Xiumin has a Very Specific, OCD way of Sorting things.
-He says he's the Best5 at being clean in Exo.
-He can't leave the house without his MP3 player.
-when Xiumin Can't sleep He'll Watch anime. Mainly one Piece.
-He says that he is an Impulsive Shopper.
-He says that Dieting is very hard for him. in order to diet Successfully, he had to be Indifferent/Cruel towards Food.
-He says that he is a Very good listener and he answers each question carefully. that's why he was Dubbed EXO's Troubleshooter.
-One gift that he is very Grateful for is a huge Selection of Manga given to him by Fans. He's still reading them well.
-He says that as long as he is in a Clean environment, he will be happy.
Well, that's Wraps it up for this week's K-star Saturday. I hope that you Enjoyed this Card.
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Have a Great Saturday, Everybody!
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πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ great job! isn't he just wonderful 😍😍!
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I love Xiumin